Service of Skyhawk with US Marine Corps

Last revised November 16, 2001

The first Marine Corps squadron to be issued with the A4D-1 was VMA-224, based at MCAS El Toro, California. It received its first planes in January of 1957. The A4D-2 entered service with VMA-211 in September of 1957. The A4D-2N entered service with VMA-225 in March of 1960.

The Marine Corps attack squadrons rotated to Vietnam beginning in 1965, and carried out close-support missions. These missions continued until June 28, 1973.

The first Marine Corps unit to receive the A-4M was VMA-324 at MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina. By 1976, all five active USMC light attack squadrons were using the A-4M.

The A-4Ms served with active-duty Marine Corps squadrons until February 27, 1990, when VMA-211 transferred its last A-4M to MAG-42, a reserve unit at NAS Alameda, California. This ended the operational career of the Skyhawk as an attack aircraft with Marine Corps and Navy regular squadrons. The A-4M continued to serve with Reserve units until 1994, when VMA-131 finally relinquished the last of its Skyhawks.

The following is a list of Marine Corps squadrons which operated the Skyhawk.  For more details, please check out the Skyhawk association web site.  I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any additions or corrections.

Marine Corps Attack Squadrons


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