Douglas A-4N Skyhawk for Israel

Last revised December 4, 2019

The A-4N was another Skyhawk version built for Israel. It was based on the airframe of the Marine Corps A-4M, and retained the uprated J52-P-408 engine. It differed from the A-4M by having a new navigation/weapons delivery system.

The A-4N had the following main avionics:

  • 1. Navigation/weapons delivery system (WDS) which included:

    	a. Lear Siegler digital computer. It was later made by Elbit systems Israel.

    b. Singer-Kearfott inertial platform. It was later made by IAI Tamam Israel.

    c. Elliott Automation heads-up display. It was later made by ElOp Israel.

    d. Stuart-Warner AN/APQ145 radar.

  • 2. Applied Technologies AN/APR36 and APR37 for detecting and redirecting incoming missiles.

  • 3. Two Rockwell-Collins AN/ARC51 UHF Transceivers.

  • 4. Raytheon AN/APX72 IFF transponder.

  • 5. Honeywell AN/APN194 Radar Altimeters.

  • 6. Improved electric power supply system.
  • The A-4N substituted a pair of 30-mm DEFA cannon (with 150 rounds each) for the 20-mm cannon of the US version. Many A-4Ns were fitted in the field with the tailpipe extension that had been fitted to other Israeli Skyhawk variants. This was to protect the aircraft against shoulder-launched SAM-7 surface-to-air missiles.

    The A-4N was first flown on Jun 8, 1972, piloted by John Lane. The Israeli test pilot was Yachin Kochva. A total of 117 were built between 1972 and 1976. Substantial numbers of A-4Ns still remain in service with the Israeli air force.

    Serials of Douglas A-4N Skyhawk

    158726/158743	Douglas A-4N Skyhawk
    				for Israel
    159035/159052	Douglas A-4N Skyhawk 
    				for Israel
    159075/159098	Douglas A-4N Skyhawk 
    				for Israel
    159515/159545	Douglas A-4N Skyhawk 
    				For Israel
    159799/159824	Douglas A-4N Skyhawk 
    				for Israel


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