Douglas XA-26E Invader

Last revised August 26, 2000

The XA-26E (44-25563) was the prototype for the A-26E version, which was a proposed follow-on to the A-26C. It bore much the same relationship to the A-26C as the A-26D did to the A-26B. The A-26E was powered by two 2100 hp Chevrolet-built R-2800-83s. It flew for the first time in 1945. It was planned that the A-26E would succeed the A-26C on the production line at Tulsa. However, the end of the war put an end to such plans, and a contract for 2150 A-26E-DTs was cancelled following V-J Day.

Serials of XA-26E

44-35563		Douglas XA-26E-DL Invader
				c/n 28842


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