Northrop F-89F Scorpion

Last revised November 13, 1999

The F-89F was a proposed advanced version of the F-89D. It was to be powered by a pair of 9100 lb.s.t. afterburning General Electric J47 engines. The wing was enlarged and was provided with a swept leading edge. It carried the same sort of midspan weapons/fuel pods as did the F-89E. The fuselage was deepened and was faired straight back from the canopy to the vertical fin. The horizontal stabilizers were moved from the fin down to the fuselage at the base of the vertical fin. The armament was to have been six Falcon air-to-air missiles and 42 2.75-inch FFAR rockets housed in the front of the weapons/fuel pods. The rear portion of the pods contained some 900 gallons of fuel. The dimensions were wingspan 59 feet 4 inches, length 59 feet 6 inches and a height of 21 feet.

The project actually proceeded as far as the mockup stage. However, as the design progressed, the projected weight continued to rise and the estimated performance fell. Consequently, the USAF lost interest in the F-89F, and the project was cancelled in August of 1952.


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