North American P-82G Twin Mustang

Last revised October 15, 1999

59 examples of the P-82G (Model NA-150) were also ordered. The P-82G was basically similar to the P-82F, but had a SCR-720C radar set. This included nine planes that were originally ordered as P-82Fs but were completed to the standards of the P-82G. The SCR-720C radar set was somewhat lighter than the APS-4 or APG-28 radar of the P-82F, so the P-82G had a slightly better performance. Maximum speed of the P-82G was 461 mph at 21,000 feet. Normal range was 2240 miles, with maximum range being 2495 miles. Service ceiling was 38,900 feet, and the initial climb rate was 3770 feet per minute. Weights were 15,997 pounds empty and 25,891 pounds maximum. Dimensions were wingspan 51 feet 3 inches, length 42 feet 5 inches, height 13 feet 10 inches, and wing area of 408 square feet.

Serial numbers of P-82G:

46-355/383	North American P-82G Twin Mustang 
			c/n 150-38241/38269
			Redesignated F-82G in 1948.
46-384/388	North American P-82H Twin Mustang 
			c/n 150-38270/38274
			Redesignated F-82H in 1948.
46-389/404	North American P-82G Twin Mustang 
			c/n 150-38275/38290
			Redesignated F-82G in 1948.


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