Bell P-39K Airacobra

Last revised June 26, 1999

The first of the redesignated P-39Gs were the P-39K-1-BE production lot (Model 26A). They differed from the P-39D-2 in being powered by a 1325 hp V-1710-63 (E6) engine driving an Aeroproducts propeller. 210 examples were ordered on August 25, 1941. The armament was the same as that of the P-39D, but the aircraft weighed 800 pounds more and had a slightly reduced range.

Some P-39Ks were flown in New Guinea in 1943.

Six P-39Ks were converted to ground attack/photo reconnaissance configuration under the designation P-39K-2-BE. Serials were 42-4244, 47273, 4352, 4387, 4433, 4437.

One P-39K was converted to P-39K-5-BE with a V-1710-85 (E19) engine and acted as the prototype for the P-39N.

Serials of P-39K Airacobra:

42-4244/4453		Bell P-39K Airacobra


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