Lockheed F-94D

Last revised November 26, 1999

The F-94D was the designation applied to a proposed but unbuilt single-seat fighter-bomber version of the F-94C Starfire.

In January of 1951, Lockheed was awarded a contract for 113 Model 980-75-14 single-seat fighter-bomber adaptations of the F-94C two-seat all-weather fighter. The designation was F-94D. Serials were 51-13604 through 13716. The fuselage, tail surfaces and J48 powerplant of the F-94C were to be married to a new wing with 50 percent more area. The rear radar operator's position was to be removed and replaced by additional fuel tanks. 320-gallon wingtip and pylon tanks were to be used, bringing total fuel capacity to 1965 US gallons. A retractable inflight refuelling probe was to be installed in the upper nose. The rocket armament in the nose was to be replaced by eight 0.5-inch machine guns. The radar fire control system of the F-94C was to be replaced with ranging radar. Up to 4000 pounds of ordinance were to be carried on additional underwing racks.

In order to gain some flight test information, two aerodynamic configuration prototypes for the F-94D were obtained by fitting the new F-94D nose to a pair of F-94B-5-LOs (serial numbers 51-5500 and 51-5501). 51`-0500 was fit5ted 2ith four 0.50-inch macine guns and 51-5501 with possibly as many as six guns. This was essentially the same armament as that which was fitted to the F-94B, but with the guns being mounted higher up on the nose.

Aircraft 51-13604 was almost complete to serve as the prototype YF-94D when the USAF cancelled the entire F-94D program on October 15, 1951. The reason given by the USAF was that they wanted Lockheed to concentrate its full efforts on the F-94C program.

After the cancellation of the F-94D program, 51-5500 was used as a testbed for the General Electric T-171 (later M61A1) Vulcan rotary cannon.

Serials of F-94D Starfire

51-13604 	Lockheed YF-94D-1-LO Starfire - cancelled 
51-13605/13716 	Lockheed F-94D-1-LO Starfire - cancelled 


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