Martin JM-1 Marauder for US Navy

Last revised March 12, 2000

The AT-23B was a stripped version of the B-26C that was used for target towing by the USAAF. Two hundred and twenty-five of these AT-23Bs were delivered to the US Navy as JM-1, where the J stood for a general utility category used by the Navy from 1931 through 1955. BuNos were 66595 through 66794 and 75183 through 75207. The JM-1 was used by the Navy for target towing and other general utility duties. It was never used in combat. Many Navy JM-1s were painted with a bright orange-yellow finish, but the USAAF AT-23Bs retained their natural metal finish.

A few JM-1s were converted for reconnaissance duties under the designation JM-1P.


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