B-24s for Turkey

Last revised August 20, 1999

The Turkish Air Force inadvertently acquired several USAAF Liberators when they landed in Turkish territory during combat missions and were interned.

Four B- 24 D's were interned in Turkey in 1942 and another seven after the second Ploesti raid in 1943. Six aircraft were recovered as flyable and later with American agreement they were sent on overhaul to the Depot at Erithea. First they were issued to the 1st Air Regiment/9th Batt./2nd Company and then from 1944 they flew alongside the He.111F-1's in the 2nd Batt./3rd Company until late 1946. Serials were 4001-06 which No.3 was equipped as a special long range transport for the Chief of the Armed Forces.

List of the first 4 aircraft that landed in Turkey at the night of June 12, 1942 after the first Ploesti raid:

41-11609 "Little Eva" landed Ankara
41-11596 "Brooklyn Rambler" landed Ankara
41-11597 "Blue Goose" landed Ankara
41-11622 "Town Hall" landed Adapazari

7 more landed in Turkey after the 2nd Ploesti low level attack on August 1, 1943:

42-49544 "Hitler's Hearse"
42-49608 "Vulgar Virgin"
42-40744 "Heaven Can Wait"
42-40267 "Horse Fly"
41-24297 "War Maid"
42-40777 "Flossie Flirt"
41-23754 "Little Lady"


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