Consolidated B-24N Liberator

Last revised August 15, 1999

In 1943, a single B-24D-40-CO (42-40234) had been experimentally fitted with a single fin-and-rudder assembly as the XB-24K. This experiment was so successful that in April of 1944 the USAAF decided that all future production Liberators would have a single vertical tail. The B-24N was to have been an adaptation of this design for production by Ford/Willow Run. This aircraft differed from the XB-24K primarily in having revised nose and tail gun positions. The nose had a unique Sperry-built "ball" turret, and the tail turret was not unlike that on the Boeing B-17 fortress.

The XB-24N (44-48753) was the prototype and was delivered on Nov 24, 1944. In addition to the XB-24N, seven YB-24Ns were completed before Liberator production terminated at Ford on May 31, 1945. At this time, orders for 5168 Ford-built B-24N-FO bombers were cancelled. The delivery of the few YB-24Ns by Ford brought the production of the Liberator to an end.

Serials of B-24N Liberator

44-48753		Ford XB-24N-FO Liberator
44-52053/52059	Ford YB-24N-1-FO Liberator


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