US Navy and US Marine Corps Serial Numbers

Second Alphanumeric Series

Last revised March 6, 2014

AB-1 to AB-5		Curtiss F boat
			C-1 to C-5 renumbered.  
			AB-3 ws first US military aircraft to see action ove Vera Cruz, Menico Apr 25, 1914.   later had wings shortened
				and used as a "penguin" taxiing trainer.
AB-6			D-1 renumbered. 
AB-7			D-2 renumbered. 
AH-1			A-1 renumbered. Believed struck off charge 16/10/14. 
AH-2 to AH-3		A-4 and A-3 renumbered. 
AH-4 to AH-6		B-1 to B-3 renumbered. 
AH-7			Burgess-Dunne tailless seaplane. 
AH-8 to AH-9		Curtiss pusher seaplanes 
				AH-8 crashed off Pensacola, FL during attempted duration flight
					Jun 9, 1916.  Pilot Lt JG Richard Saufley was killed.
					Saufley Field was subsequently named for him.  Plane must
					have been rebuilt since reported transferred to Army, and 
					still in Army hands in 1919
				AH-9 crashed at Pensacola, FL May 8, 1915, Student aviator Lt. j.g. Melvin L. Stolz died when 
					his Curtiss hydroaeroplane crashed at Pensacola, Fla. Although Stolz had not been designated 
					a naval aviator, he had qualified for Aero Club Hydroaeroplane Certification No. 19..
					Plane was rebuilt and renumbered A83 in the first numerical series. 
AH-10			Burgess-Dunne tailless seaplane. 
AH-11 to AH-18		Curtiss pusher seaplanes. 
AH-19			Originally allocated to a Wright Model G Aeroboat; this was not accepted, so number was reallocated to a Martin Model S seaplane, which later became A68 in the first numerical series. 
AH-20 to AH-21		Thomas seaplanes (renumbered A57 and A58 in first numerical series). 
AH-22			Martin Model S seaplane (renumbered A69 in first numerical series). 
AH-23			Wright Model K seaplane (renumbered A51 in first numerical series). 
AH-24			Sturtevant S (renumbered A76 in first numerical series). 
AH-25 to AH-31		Burgess Model S (AH-25 renumbered A70 in first numerical series). 
AH-61			Gallaudet D-1 (renumbered A59 in first numerical series). 
AH-62			Curtiss R-3 (renumbered A67 in first numerical series). 
AH-65			Curtiss R-3 (renumbered A66 in first numerical series). 
AX-1			Curtiss Model E
			E-1 renumbered AX-1 Mar 1914.  Wrecked Nov 27, 1915.
BC-2 to BC-4		Goodyear kite balloons (renumbered A94, A95 and A151 in first numerical series.