Grumman F/A-14D

Last revised September 20, 2014

One of the the latest Tomcat upgrade proposals is the F/A-14D, which is an upgraded strike derivative of the F-14D. It is proposed as a possible replacement for the A-6 Intruder, but should not interfere with the planned F/A-18E/F procurement. If approved, the F/A-14D would be produced by upgrading existing F-14D, F-14B, and F-14A airframes.

In the first stage of the F/A-14D upgrade plan, all of the planes involved would be brought up to basic F-14D standard, with F110 engines, AYK-14 on-board computers, and digital avionics. An attack FLIR (Forward-Looking Infra-Red) would be fitted, and a MIL STD 1760 bus would be added for compatibility with other advanced weapons systems. In the second stage of the program, an AN/ALE-50 towed decoy would be added, a navigation FLIR would be provided and a full night vision cockpit would be fitted. In the third and last stage, software modes from the F-15E's AN/APG-71 would be added, which include Doppler beam sharpening, synthetic aperture, sea surface search, moving target indication, and a terrain-following mode.

The F/A-14D proposal never went anywhere, because the F-14 was supplanted by the Super Hornet.


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