Douglas F3D-3 Skyknight

Last revised January 30, 2000

The F3D-3 was the designation assigned to a proposed swept-winged version of the Skyknight. Like the original F3D-2, it was to have been powered by the J46 turbojet. However, following the cancellation of the J46, calculated performance of the F3D-3 with the substitute J34 was deemed insufficient to warrant production, and the order for 287 production F3D-3s was cancelled in February of 1952 before any could be built.

Specification of F3D-3 (estimated):

Engines: Two Westinghouse J46-WE-3 axial-flow turbojets, each rated at 4080 lb.s.t. for takeoff. Performance: Maximum speed 630 mph at sea level, 515 mph at 40,000 feet. Stalling speed 128 mph. Initial climb rate 2640 feet per minute. Service ceiling 33,000 feet. Absolute ceiling 43,000 feet. Normal range 860 miles. Weights: 19,800 pounds empty, 28,843 pounds loaded, 34,000 pounds gross. Dimensions: wingspan 42 feet 5 inches, length 49 feet 0 inches, height 16 feet 1 inches, wing area 400 square feet. Fuel: Maximum internal fuel of 1350 US gallons. Two 150 US gallon drop tanks could be carried on underwing pylons, bringing total fuel capacity to 1650 US gallons. Armament: Four 20-mm cannon with 800 rounds. Two underwing pylons just inboard of the wing folding point which could carry up to 4000 pounds of bombs, rockets, or fuel tanks.


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