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Here I am outside in my garden during a snowy Chicago winter!

My primary interest is in military aviation, and so this page will point you to a lot of aviation links which I have found useful.

I am an aircraft serial number freak, and I have compiled a bunch of tables of US Air Force, US Navy, and US Coast Guard aircraft serial numbers. Links to these tables are listed below:

+ USAAS/USAAC/USAAF/USAF Military Aircraft Serials

+ US Navy/US Marine Corps Aircraft Bureau Numbers

+ US Coast Guard Aircraft Bureau Numbers

I have written a whole bunch of military aviation articles, which are available here:

+ American Military Aircraft

Here is a link to lots of other aviation sites. Check them out!

+ Military Aviation Links

Another one of my interests is astronomy. Here are some links to things of celestial interest:

+ Astronomy Links

Here is a set of links to schools and universities, to all of which I have had a connection at one time or another, either as a student, as a researcher, as a tuition-paying parent, or as a faculty member:

+ Schools and Colleges

I have been involved with several different academic institutions, and have had to deal with the tenure system in all its aspects. Here is my perspective on academic tenure:

+ Thoughts on Academic Tenure

Let me know your take on the matter if you have experienced the tenure system, both pro and con.

I have recently become interested in copyright law and practice. Although I am not a lawyer, here is my perspective on copyright:

+ Issues in American Copyright Law and Practice

What do you think about copyright? Please let me know. This is a work in progress.

I am now semi-retired, so I have recently got interested in how the pension system in the USA works. Here are some details about 401(k)s, IRAs, and Social Security. Hope these help if you are planning to retire soon!,

+ Pensions and Retirements

Since I went on Medicare, I became interested in the details about how the Medicare insurance system works. Here are some details about Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medigap, and Medicare Part D, along with details about the infamous "donut hole":

+ How Medicare Works

Check back here frequently, as the system is continually changing.

Recently, the Medicare program has been under attack as a major contributor to the national deficit, and numerous recommendations have been made on possible changes and reforms to Medicare to ensure that it survives and remains viable in the future. Here is a description of some of the causes of Medicare's difficulties, along with a list of possible fixes that might be considered:

+ Fixing Medicare

Here is a description of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as "Obamacare". I have attemped to stick to the basic facts in a description of the law, with the controversial politics being left out. This is a beginning effort, and let me know if you have any changes or suggestions.

+ Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

I recently got very curious about the use of derivatives in financial transactions, even though I have never actually used them or invested in them. In fact, I wasn't even sure what a derivative actually was. I did some research into derivatives, and here is what I found out about them. Particularly interesting is what I found out about the now-infamous credit default swaps.

+ Financial Derivatives

Check back here frequently, as the system is continually changing.

Some links to various publications:

+ Publications and Periodicals

Some links to Radio and Television Stations:

+ Radio and TV Stations

I live in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Here are some links to Chicagoland sites:

+ Chicagoland and Hyde Park Neighborhood

Some links dealing with feminism and men's issues:

+ Feminism and Men's Issues Homepages

I recently retired from Lucent Technologies in Naperville, Illinois, where I worked as a software developer for the 5ESS®-2000 Switch. My major professional interest is in the scientific and technological aspects of telecommunications. Here is a set of telecommunications links:

+ Homepages of Telecommunications Companies

+ Telecommunications and Computer Technologies

+ Computer Hardware and Software Companies

Here is a link to sites that can help in job searches

+ Links to Job Hunting Sites

Some links to the Federal government, in all its manifestations:

+ Federal Government Links

Finally, here is brief autobiography:

+ Joe Baugher's Biography

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