US Navy/US Marine Corps Attack Aircraft

Here are descriptions of US Navy/US Marine Corps attack aircraft. I have just started this list, and there are many missing entries. But check back here frequently to see what I have added!

A--Attack (1946-1962)

Bomber-Fighter (1934-1937)

Bomber-Torpedo (1942-1945)

Scout-Bomber (1934-1946)

Torpedo-Bomber (1935-1946)

1962 Unified Designation System

On September 11, 1962, the Navy mission-manufacturer-number designation system that had been in use for so many years was replaced by a unified Department of Defense system in which Navy and Air Force aircraft were designated according to the same scheme. One of the changes was the introduction of a new A for attack series which would be used by both the Navy and the Air Force. Several of the Navy attack aircraft in the 1946-1962 attack series were redesignated with numbers in the new system.

Here are the existing Navy attack aircraft that were redesignated:

New DesignationOld Designation
Douglas A-1 SkyraiderDouglas AD Skyraider
North American A-2 SavageNorth American AJ Savage
Douglas A-3 SkywarriorDouglas A3D Skywarrior
Douglas A-4 SkyhawkDouglas A4D Skyhawk
North American A-5 VigilanteNorth American A3J Vigilante
Grumman A-6 IntruderGrumman A2F Intruder

In the years following 1962, additional Navy attack aircraft were produced, and were assigned new numbers in the attack sequence: