Service of AD Skyraider with Armee de l'Air

Last revised October 18, 2001

In 1959, France's Armee de l'Air obtained 40 AD-4NAs and 53 AD-4Ns that were surplus to US Navy requirements. They were intended for use in combating the Algerian insurrection. They planes were reassembled and overhauled by SFERNA at Bordeaux-Merignac, where the AD-4Ns were brought up to AD-4NA standards. The planes were delivered to Escadron II/20 beginning in February 1960. They were later delivered to I/20 and III/20 of the 20th Escadre. The planes saw action in Algeria against the Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN)

Following the granting of Algerian independence, Escadron I/20 was reorganized in 1963 as Escadron I/21 to operate Skyraiders in the French Territory of Afars and Issas (French Somaliland). Shortly after, Escadron III/20 became Escadron II/21 and operated Skyraiders ion the Malagassy Republic. Escadrion II/20 was disbanded.

The Skyraider remained in limited service with the Armee de l'Air until the early 1970s. On August 11, 1960, the central African nation of Chad achieved full independence from France. The early years of independence marked numerous uprisings an rebellions. French military forces provided extensive and effective assistance in putting down rebellious activities in central Chad, and some Skyraiders were active in the fighting.


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