Douglas AD-7 Skyraider

Last revised October 23, 2001

The AD-7 was the final production version of the Skyraider. It differed from the AD-6 in having an R-3350-26WB engine instead of a R-3350-26WA. It also had a strengthened undercarriage, more robust engine mountings, and stronger wing outer panels.  Otherwise, it was much the same as the AD-6 which preceded it.

72 AD-7s were built, the last one leaving the production line on February 18, 1957. This brought Skyraider production to an end. A total of 3180 Skyraiders of all versions had been built. Two further batches of 84 AD-7 aircraft each were cancelled.

In September of 1962, surviving AD-7s were redesignated A-1J.

Specification of Douglas AD-7 Skyraider

Engine: One Wright R-3350-26WB Duplex Cyclone 18-cylinder air-cooled radial engine rated at 2700 hp for takeoff and 2100 hp at 14,000 feet. Performance: Maximum speed 343 mph at 20,000 feet, 316 mph at sea level. 195 mph cruising speed, initial climb rate 3230 ft/min, Service ceiling 30,650 feet, Combat range 1300 nautical miles with 2000 lbs of bombs, 12 HVAR and 2 150 gallon drop tanks. Weights: 12,100 pounds empty, 22,800 pounds normal loaded, 25,000 pounds maximum. Dimensions: Wingspan 50 feet 0 1/4 inches, length 39 feet 3 inches, height 15 feet 8 inches, wing area 400.33 square feet. Armament: Four 20-mm cannon in the wing.

Serial Numbers of Douglas AD-7 Skyraider

142010/142081		Douglas AD-7 Skyraider
				c/n 11490/11561.


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