Curtiss XA-4

Last revised July 3, 2000

The Curtiss XA-4 was produced by fitting a 440 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340-1 Wasp air cooled radial engine into A-3 airframe serial number 27-244. The XA-4 was delivered in December of 1927. The radial Wasp engine decreased the gross weight to 4113 pounds, but the improvement in performance was only marginal, and the radial-engined Falcon was not introduced onto the production line. The single XA-4 was scrapped in March of 1932 after having logged 327 hours in the air.

Specification of Curtiss XA-4:

Engine: One 440 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340-1 air-cooled radial engine. Performance: Maximum speed 137.5 mph at sea level, Service ceiling 16,950 feet. Dimensions: Wingspan 38 feet 0 inches, height 10 feet 6 inches, wing area 353 square feet. Weights: 4113 pounds gross, Armament: Four forward-firing 0-30-inch machine guns, two in the upper engine cowling and two the lower wings. A pair of flexible 0.30-inch machine guns were mounted in the rear cockpit. Up to 200 pounds of fragmentation bombs could be carried on underwing racks. Alternatively, a 56-gallon auxiliary fuel tank could be carried behind the tunnel radiator.


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