Lockheed Hudson Mk.V

Last revised September 24, 2000

The Hudson Mk.V was powered by Twin Wasp S3C-4Gs rated at 1200 hp for takeoff and 1100 hp at 2550 feet. It had airframes and increased defensive armament similar to those of the Mk.III. One flexible 0.303-inch machine gun was mounted in a retractable ventral position and one 0.303-inch machine gun was mounted in each beam psition. Two 0.303-inch fixed forward-firing machine guns were installed in the upper nose decking, and twin 0.303-in machine guns were mounted in a Boulton Paul dorsal turret. The first 202 aircraft had the original fuel tanks and were designated Hudson Mk.V(SR). Their RAF serials were AE639/AE657 (construction numbers 414-2992/2999, 3700/3710) and AM520/AM702 (c/n 414-2602/2784). All but 7 of them were delivered to the RAF--including AM633, AM667, AM668, and AM688 which were later transferred to the USAAF in Britain. AM576 went to the RCAF and AM589/AM594 went to the RNZAF as NZ1019/NZ1024.

These were followed by 207 Hudson Mk.V(LR) long-range versions with increased fuel tankage. The RAF serials were AM703 to AM909 (c/ns 414-2785/2991). AM707 was used between June and August 1941 by BOAC as G-AGCE while 42 were delivered to the RCAF. AM759, 849, 897, and 900 crashed in transit.


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