Hudson in Service with Royal Canadian Air Force

Last revised September 24, 2000

The Royal Canadian Air Force received its first Hudson Mk.Is on September 15, 1939. The 28 Hudsons received by the RCAF were diverted from the original British contract and were given Canadian serials 759/786. They were delivered to No.11 Squadron. By November of 1942, Canada had received a total of 248 Hudsons, all but the first 28 of which retained their original RAF serial numbers. These broke down as follows: 28 Mk.Is, one MK.II, three MK.IIIs, 137 MK.IIIAs, 43 Mk.Vs, and 36 MK.VIs. They served in the maritime patrol and ASW roles with Nos.11, 113, 119, and 120 Squadrons until 1943. In addition, No.407 Squadron (RCAF) operated British Hudsons in the UK as part of Coastal Command. Hudsons also operated in the training role with Nos.31, 34, and 36 Operational Training Units, No. 1 Central Flying School, and No. 4 Air Observer School. One of No.31 OTU's Hudsons manage to damage and possibly sink a U-boat while on a training sortie off Nova Scotia on July 4, 1943. In contrast to the RAF, Hudsons remained in service with the RAF throughout the war and well afterwards. The last RCAF Hudson, AMK.IIIA serial number BW430, was finally struck off charge on December 13, 1948.


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