French and Mexican A-24s

Last revised August 26, 2000

A number of A-24Bs were handed over to units of the French Armee de l'Air in 1943. They were initially assigned in small numbers to existing fighter units to serve as advanced trainers or as squadron hacks. A-24Bs were also operated by the Ecole de Chasse at Meknes in Morocco in the training role. Other A-24Bs were used by Groupe de Bombardement I/17 Picardie, where they served in the desert police role from a base at Riyak in Syria. After the invasion of Europe, GB I/18 Vendee used A-24Bs in support of French and American ground forces operating against German strongholds along the Atlantic coast of France and in the French Alps. After VE-Day, GBI/18 was disbanded and its aircraft were turned over to the Ecole de Chasse in Morocco, the Gunnery School in Cazaux, and a desert police squadron in Morocco. The last of these was finally grounded in 1953.

The Fuerza Aerea Mexicana operated a number of A-24Bs on anti- submarine patrols in the Carribean beginning in 1944. Later, these aircraft were used as trainers and for border patrol. The last of these Mexican A-24s was retired in 1959.


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