Douglas A-24B

Last revised August 26, 2000

The A-24B-DT was basically similar to the Navy's SBD-5. The SBD-5 was powered by a 1200 hp Wright R-1820-60, which was housed in a redesigned cowling without an air intake on its upper lip. The increased power made it possible to increase the offensive load to 2250 pounds--one 1600-lb bomb underneath the fuselage and two 325-lb bombs underneath the wings. Unlike the previous A-24s, the A-24B-DTs were all ordered directly by the USAAF. They were the only Dauntlesses to be built in Douglas's Tulsa, Oklahoma plant. A total of 1200 were ordered in November of 1942, but 585 were cancelled. The 615 A-24Bs built bore the USAAF serials 42-54285 to 42-54899.

In 1948, the few remaining A-24Bs were redesignated F-24B-DT. One of these aircraft was used as a drone director aircraft in connection with the tests of the QF-24A-DE, and was redesignated DF-24B-DT and was re-serialed as 48-045.

Serials of A-24B-DT:

42-54285/54399		Douglas A-24B-1-DT Dauntless
				c/n 17124/17238
42-54400/54459		Douglas A-24B-5-DT Dauntless
				c/n 17239/17298
42-54460/54649		Douglas A-24B-10-DT Dauntless
				c/n 17299/17488
42-54650/54899		Douglas A-24B-15-DT Dauntless
				c/n 17489/17738
48-045			Douglas DF-24B-DT Dauntless 
				Originally A-24B-DT. 
				remanufactured as drone director aircraft


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