Douglas XA-20F Havoc

Last revised August 5, 2000

The XA-20F was a single A-20A (39-725) fitted with upper and lower General Electric remotely-controlled power turrets, each mounting a pair of 0.5-inch machine guns. The turrets were controlled from a single sighting station. Although this experimental turret arrangement was not introduced onto the A-20 production line, it did provide valuable information for the later A-26 Invader program. Later, the aircraft was modified at Wright Field with a single fixed forward-firing 37-mm cannon in the nose.

The XA-20F may have been the same A-20A airframe which had been designated XA-20B and fitted with three remotely-controlled turrets, one each in the nose, dorsal and ventral positions. However, I don't know for sure that this was the case.


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