2001 USAF Serial Numbers

Last revised June 1, 2022

01-0005 			Boeing C-40B
				737 MSN 33080/1089 ex N374BC.  reregistred as 01-0041

01-0015			Boeing C-40B
				737-7DM(BBJ) for USAF, MSN 32916/979, carries civilian registration N378BJ.  Was formerly
					N1786B.  Noted Dec 2013 as 01-0015 without a civil registration. 1st AS Active jul19 sep19 ex 65th AS  
01-0028/0030		Gulfstream Aerospace C-37A
				0028 MSN 620, previously N535GA.  To 310th Airlift Sq, McDill AFB FL Jul 25, 2001.  65th AS Active may19 may19 ex 65th AS  
				0029 MSN 624, previously N624GA.  Active in November 2016 with 310th Airlift 
					Squadron at MacDill AFB, Florida.   76th AS Ramstein, Germany Active may19 may20 ex 310th AS 
				0030 MSN 663, previously N663GA.  To 310th Airlift Sq.  76th AS Active Ramstein, Germany may19 jul19 ex 310th AS 
01-0040			Boeing C-40B
				MSN 29971/684, ex N371BJ.  Military version of Boeing 737-700 BBJ.  1st AS Active apr09 may20  
01-0041			Boeing C-40B
				MSN 33080/1089, N374BC. Boeing 737-7DM BBJ leased by USAF.  Was formerly 01-0005
				1st AS Active 08jun05 jan20 
01-0065			Gulfstream Aerospace C-37A
				MSN 652, previously N582GA.  The serial number represents the
					original user (15th ABW/65th AS).  65th AS Joint Base Pearl Harbor, Hickman, HI Active jul02 jan20

01-0076			Gulfstream Aerospace C-37A
				MSN 645, ex N645GA.  The serial number represents the original
					user (76th AS Det 1)  76th AS Ramstein, Germany Active nov14 jun20 

01-0136/0149		Aeromot TG-14A
				AMT-200S MSN 200.136 for USAF Academy, ex N136XS.  Apparently the civil registration still 
					applies and this aircraft has dual identity (like the Cessna T-41s).  The registration N136XS is
					"in question" with "sale reported" to the Pickens County Sheriff's Office.
				0137/0149 (MSNs 200.137/149, civil registrations N137XS/N149XS)
				0136 (MSN 200.136) US civil registry as N136XS, registration N215GA reserved Mar 19, 2008
				0137 (MSN 200.137) registred as N137XS with Covington County Sheriff's Office.  For sale by GSA Auctions at 
					Covington County Sheriff, Andalusia, AL, Oct 1, 2014 
				0139 (MSN 200.139) registrered as N139XS, cancelled Sep 27, 2012.
				0140 (MSN 200.140) US civil registry as N140XS, registration N215GS reserved Mar 14, 2008
				0141 (MSN 200.141) registred as N141XS, cancelled Sep 27, 2012
				0142 (MSN 200.142) US civil registry as N142XS, registration N307DZ reserved Mar 14, 2008, NTU.
					Currently registered as N142XS with Al Henry County Sheriff's office.
				0143 (MSN 200.143) registered as N143XS to Classic Rotors Museum
				0144 (MSN 200.144) previous identity was PT-PRG, US civil registry N144XS.  Registration
					N307BZ reserved Mar 14, 2008, NTU.  Currently registered as N144XS with Al Pickens County Sheriff's Office.
				0145 (MSN 200.145) previous identity was PT-PRH, US civil registry N145XS.  Currently registred as N145XS to
					Lake Area Technical Institute
				0146 (MSN 200.146) previous identity was PT-PRI, US civil registry N146XS.  Registration N146XS cancelled Jan 31, 2013.	
				0147 (MSN 200.147) previous identity was PT-PRJ, US civil registry N147XS.  Registration N147XS cancelled Jan 31, 2013.
					Seen with serial number 02147
				0148 (MSN 200.148) previous identity was PT-PRK, US civil registry N148XS.  Registration N148XS cancelled Jun 11, 2013.
				0149 (MSN 200.149) registred as N149XS, cancelled Jun 11, 2013.

01-0186/0197		Boeing C-17A Lot XIII Globemaster III
				MSN 50094/50105, line number F93/F104
				0186 5/24/02: TOS USAF and delivered to 62nd Airlift Wing, McChord AFB, WA. 
					5/13: 3rd Airlift Squadron, 436th Airlift Wing, Dover AFB, DE.
					With 3rd Airlift Squadron/436th Airlift Wing at Dover AFB, Delaware and on evening of August 15, 2021 
					carried a record 823 people on an evacuation flight out of Kabul, Afghanistan to Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar
				0187 assigned to 62nd AW, McChord
				0188/0197 assigned to 437th AW, Charleston
				0190 is named *Spirit of America's POWs and MIAs*
				0192 (MSN 50100/F099/P92) with 137th AS then 155th AS
				0193 10/02: TOS USAF.
					12/12/02 to current: 17th Airlift Squadron, 437th Airlift Wing, Charleston AFB, SC.
					Named "Spirit of Strom Thurmond"
				0194 11//2/02: TOS USAF. Assigned to 17th Airlift Squadron, 437th Airlift Wing, Charleston AFB, SC.
					ca. 10/09: 58th Airlift Squadron, 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus AFB, OK.
					By 10/16: 89th Airlift Squadron, 445th Airlift Wing, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.
				0195 11/20/02 TOS USAF.  Delivered to17th Airlift Squadron, 437th Airlift Wing, Charleston AFB, SC.
					After 1/12 to by 1/14: 58th Airlift Squadron, 97th Air Mobility Wing, Altus AFB, OK.
				0196 named "Spirit of Enduring Freedom".  With (437th AW) ran off runway at Bagram, Afghanistan Aug 6, 2005,
					collapsing nose and starboard undercarriage.  Has been w/o.  AFM 1/2006.
					Despite reported as w/o, was seen at manufacturer at Long Beach Nov 17, 2005,
					apparently being repaired.  Cause of accident was pilot error while landing
					at night, he had failed to remember that construction work had restricted the
					usable width of runway, nor turned on landing lights which may have revealed
					this.  Estimate that repaired will be completed in fall of 2006.
01-0198/0200		Boeing C-17A Globemaster III
				Reserialed 02-1098/1100.
01-0301			Citation V MSN 560-0589 ex N5151D seen painted as 01-0101 at Greensboro, NC Apr 2002.  
				Now seen as 01-0301.

01-0510/0524		Lockheed Martin F-16C Block 52 Fighting Falcon 
				MSN KC-81/KC-85.  For Republic of Korea as RoKAF serials 01-510/524 under Peace Bridge III.
				Assembled by Samsung
				0511 (MSN KC-82) ROKAF 01-511 20th FW Oct 2015
				0513 (MSN KC-84) ROKAF 01-513 20th FW Nov 2003 Oct 2009
				0522 (MSN KC-93) ROKAF 01-522 20th FW Oct 25, 2011
01-0525/0529		Lockheed Martin F-16D Block 52 Fighting Falcon
				MSN KD-41/KD-45.  For Republic of Korea as RoKAF serials 01-524/529 under Peace Bridge III
				Assembled by Samsung
				0525 (MSN KD-41) to ROKAF as 01-525, 20th FW Apr 2010 Oct 2018.  noted 08Oct19
				0526 (MSN KD-42) to ROKAF as 01-526. 20th FW Oct 2009, Oct 2019.
				0527 (MSN KD-43) to ROKAF as 01-527.  20th FW Oct 2011 Feb 2021
				0528 (MSN KD-44) to ROKAF as 01-528.  20th FW Sep 2004 May 2019
				0529 (MSN KD-45) to ROKAF as 01-529.  20th FW Oct 2011 Sec 2018
01-1461/1462 		Lockheed C-130J-515 Hercules
				1461 (MSN 382-5525) Noted with 146th AW, 115th AS November 2002. Still active
					there Jun 2005.
				1462 (MSN 382-5526) Noted with 146th AW, 115th AS November 2002. Still active
					there Jun 2005.  Named "City of Santa Paula"

01-1935			Lockheed C-130J-515 Hercules
				MSN 382-5532.  With 193rd SOS, Pennsylvania ANG		
01-2000/2004		Boeing F-15E-64-MC Strike Eagle
				2000 MSN 1371/E232.  Operating with 494th FS 48th FW Active 07oct03 oct21
				2001 MSN 1372/E233   494th FS 48th FW Active 28may04 sep20.  On November 9, 2021 returned to 
					48th Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk from deployment to Middle East and named “Prison Mike”
				2002 MSN 1373/E234   494th FS 48th FW Active 28may04 oct20  
				2003 MSN 1374/E235.  With 494th FS, 48th FW at RAF Lakenheath, UK Active 14dec04 sep20  
				2004 MSN 1375/E236   494th FS 48h FW Active 14dec04 apr21 
01-2005			Northrop Grumman E-8C JSTARS
				MSN P-16.  C-18B 81-0892 (Boeing 707-323C, MSN 19382) airframe 
				modified by Northrop Grumman as JSTARS aircraft.
				Damaged on ground during Hurricane Rita at Lake Charles, LA
				Sep 24, 2005.  AFM 1/2006.  128th ACCS Active 01mar04 mar18.  Currently airworthy and operational with GA ANG. 

01-3074/3075		General Atomic MQ-1B Predator
				3074 MSN P-074. Seen Ysterplaat AFB (FAYP) South Africa on September 23, 2010
					(18th RS) crashed 2 km outside a forward operating base near Jalalabad, Afghanistan.  
					Damaged aircraft was recovered. To AMARC Aug 29, 2018. To US Navy Nov 2018 
				3075 11thRS 432ndWg destroyed in crash 13May13
					'01-3075' 'CH' MQ-1B (mock-up?) noted displayed inside at Creech AFB, NV 23Jun20 

01-3077/3086		General Atomics MQ-1L/1A Predator
				3077 to AMARC Jan 8, 2019.
				3078 to AMARC Oct 7, 2018
				3079 (MQ-1L) Repaired following crash Sep 22, 2004 at Indian Springs Air
					Force Auxiliary Field, NV and now designated MQ-1B.  AFM 4/2007	
					Crashed with 57th Wing, 11th RS) on Nevada Test and Training
					Range Jun 22, 2006 after loose oil filter resulted in 
					loss of oil and subsequent engine failure.
				3080 (MQ-1A)
				3082 (MQ-1L) with 57th Wing/15th RS) crashed in Iraq Mar 20, 2006 after operator
					incorrectly turned off stability augmentation system pitch and roll
					axis, causing the UAV to enter a steep dive and lose its satellite
					communications link.  Wreckage subsequently recovered.
01-3598/3632		Raytheon Beech T-6A Batch 8 Texan II
				3598/9 MSN PT-113/4
				3600 (MSN PT-115) Active in August 2016 with 459th Flying Training Squadron at Sheppard AFB, Texas 
				3602/3 MSN PT-119/20
				3604/6 MSN PT-123/5
				3607/9 MSN PT-128/30
				3610/2 MSN PT-133/5
					3610 MSN PT-133. Active in March 2008 with 8th Flying Training Squadron/71st Flying Training Wing at Vance 
						AFB, Oklahoma and still so in November 2021 
					3611 MSN PT-134.  Active in June 2004 with 347th Wing at Moody AFB, Georgia. Transferred by November 2010 to 
						8th Flying Training Squadron71st Flying Training Wing at Vance AFB, Oklahoma and still so in November 2021.
					3612 noted touring Europe Sep 2003 with civil identity N2770B
				3613/5 MSN PT-138/40
					3613 (14th FTW, 41st FTS) collided in midair with T-6A 00-3579 and crashed at Columbus AFB, MS
						Nov 28, 2007.  Both crew ejected safely.
				3616/8 MSN PT-143/5
					3618 (MSN PT-145) Active in June 2018 with 8th Flying Training Squadron/71st Flying Training Wing at Vance AFB,
						Oklahoma.  Active in November 2021 with 8th Flying Training Squadron/71st Flying Training Wing at Vance AFB, 
				3619/21 MSN PT-148/50
					3619 (MSN PT-148)  Active in May 2007 with 8th Flying Training Squadron/71st Flying Training Wing at Vance 
						AFB, Oklahoma and still so in November 2021
					3620 (MSN PT-149) Active in October 2021 with 8th Flying Training Squadron/71st Flying Training Wing at Vance 
						AFB, Oklahoma 
				3622/4 MSN PT-153/5
				3625/7 MSN PT-158/60
					3626 (MSN PT-159) Active in April 2012 with 459th Flying Training Squadron/80th Flying Training Wing 
						at Sheppard AFB. Texas. 
				3628/30 MSN PT-163/5
					3628 (MSN PT-163) Active in July 2015 with 459th Flying Training Squadron/80th Flying Training Wing at 
						Sheppard AFB. Texas.
					3629 (MSN PT-164) Active in February 2014 with 8th Flying Training Squadron/71st Flying Training Wing at Vance AFB, 
					3630 (MSN PT-165) Assigned to 559th Flying Training Squadron/12th Flying Training Wing at Randolph AFB, 
						Texas and still so in June 2021 
				3631/3632 MSN PT-168/9
01-4018/4027		Lockheed Martin F/A-22A LRIP Lot 1 Block 10 Raptor
				MSN 645-4018/4027.  Designation changed to F-22A
				4018 (MSN 645-4018) delivered to 325th FW at Tyndall AFB, FL Sep 26, 2003.  First operational Raptor.
					43rd FS Active 26sep03 mar19  
				4019 (MSN 645-4019) first flight Sep 23, 2003.  95th FS Active may19 sep20, ex 43rd FS 
				4020 (MSN 645-4020) 43rd FS Active mar04 sep17  
				4021 (MSN 645-4021) 43rd FS Active feb04 sep17  
				4022 (MSN 645-4022) 43rd FS Active apr05 sep19  
					Flown by 27FS pilot from Tyndall AFB to Langley AFB VA on 24 Oct 18. This plane was hangared at Tyndall AFB 
					when Hurricane Michael made a direct hit on the base.  Lost May 15, 2020 during
					training flight.  Pilot ejected safely
				4023 (MSN 645-4023) 43rd FS Active sep04 apr19  
				4024 (MSN 645-4024) noted with 43rd FS at Tyndall AFB Sep 9, 2005.  Active mar05 Feb21 
				4025 (MSN 645-4025) 43rd FS Active apr05 jul19 at Tyndall AFB.
				4026 (MSN 645-4026) 43rd FS Active apr05 sep17  
				4027 (MSN 645-4027) to 43rd FS at Tyndall AFB Active 07jan05 oct19 

01-6010/6029		Lockheed Martin F-16D Block 52 Fighting Falcon
				MSN RD-1/20.  To Singapore AF as 661/680
01-7026/7027		Lockheed Martin F-16D Block 52 Fighting Falcon ??

01-7050/7053		Lockheed Martin F-16CJ Block 50 Fighting Falcon
				MSN CC-228/231.  For USAF.
				7053 (MSN CC-231) was last of 2231 F-16s built for USAF.  Delivered Mar 25, 2005. Active in October 2014 with 55th Fighter 
					Squadron/20th Fighter Wing at Shaw AFB, South Carolina and still there in March 2021.
01-8530/8535		Lockheed Martin F-16C Block 52 Fighting Falcon
				MSN XK-35/XK-40.  For Hellenic AF as 534/539
01-8536/8539		Lockheed Martin F-16D Block 52 Fighting Falcon
				MSN XM-17/XM-20.  For Hellenic AF as 616/619
				8536 (MSN XM-17) 616 	343 Mira Active Jun 2012 Jun 2012 ex 115 PM
				8537 (MSN XM-18) 617 	343 Mira Active Apr 2006 Sep 2011 		
				8538 (MSN XM-19) 618 343 Mira Active May 2004 4 Apr 2019 

				*  Army serials start here *

01-02058/02069		Boeing AH-64D Apache
				MSN SN009/SN020.  For Republic of Singapore AF as 058/069 under FMS program "Peace Vanguard"
				02069 damaged Sep 30, 2010.  Reported stored with Boeing Helicopters

01-02611/02618        Boeing AH-64D Saraf
                        02611 (MSN DIN001) to IDF/AF as 719.
                        02612 (MSN DIN002) to IDF/AF as 723. (113th Sqn) due constructional failure was damaged the main rotor, struck 
					high-tension cables and crashed in North Israel Jul 24, 2006. Both crew killed.
                        02613 (MSN DIN003) to IDF/AF as 726.
                        02614 (MSN DIN004) to IDF/AF as 733.
                        02615 (MSN DIN005) to IDF/AF as 736.
                        02616 (MSN DIN006) to IDF/AF as 739.
                        02617 (MSN DIN007) to IDF/AF as 743.
                        02618 (MSN DIN008) to IDF/AF as 746.

01-05233/05284		Boeing AH-64D Lot 6 Longbow Apache
				MSN PVD233/284.  Conversions from existing AH-64 airframes
				05233 AH-64D PVD233 ex AH-64A 88-00246 (PV576)
				05234 AH-64D PVD234 ex AH-64A 88-00203 (PV533).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 10-09005
				05235 AH-64D PVD235 ex AH-64A 85-25474 (PV295). 
				05236 AH-64D PVD236 ex AH-64A 88-00216 (PV546).  Rebuilt to AH-64E
				05237 AH-64D PVD237 ex AH-64A 86-09029 (PV399).  Rebuilt to AH-64E
				05238 AH-64D PVD238 ex AH-64A 87-00465 (PV484).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 11-09019
				05239 AH-64D PVD239 ex AH-64A 88-00217 (PV547)
				05240 AH-64D PVD240 ex AH-64A 84-24236 (PV096)
				05241 AH-64D PVD241 ex AH-64A 87-00507 (PV526).  Crashed in Iraq with 1-14th Avn Aug 14, 2003.
				05242 AH-64D PVD242 ex AH-64A 86-08949 (PV319).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 11-09020
				05243 AH-64D PVD243 ex AH-64A 88-00236 (PV566)
				05244 AH-64D PVD244 ex AH-64A 84-24227 (PV087)
				05245 AH-64D PVD245 ex AH-64A 85-25476 (PV297)
				05246 AH-64D PVD246 ex AH-64A 84-24220 (PV080)
				05247 AH-64D PVD247 ex AH-64A 84-24307 (PV167).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 11-09009
				05248 AH-64D PVD248 ex AH-64A 85-25395 (PV216).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 10-09007
				05249 AH-64D PVD249 ex AH-64A 86-08970 (PV340).  
				05250 AH-64D PVD250 ex AH-64A 85-25430 (PV251).  
				05251 AH-64D PVD251 ex AH-64A 85-25482 (PV303).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 11-09022
				05252 AH-64D PVD252 ex AH-64A 85-25465 (PV286).  Lost tail rotor authority during medevac escort mission in 
					Afghanistan May 31, 2007.  Made rolling landing but sustained Class A damage.  Rebuilt to AH-64E
				05253 AH-64D PVD253 Block 1, ex AH-64A 86-09039 (PV409)
				05254 AH-64D PVD254 Block I, ex AH-64A 85-25485 (PV306) 
				05255 AH-64D PVD255 Block I, ex AH-64A 85-25471 (PV292).  Rebuilt to AH-64E 10-09001
				05256 AH-64D PVD256 Block I, ex AH-64A 87-00427 (PV446).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 10-09008
				05257 AH-64D PVD257 Block I, ex AH-64A 86-09043 (PV413).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 10-09004
				05258 AH-64D PVD258 Block I, ex AH-64A 84-24244 (PV104).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 10-09002
				05259 AH-64D PVD259 Block I, ex AH-64A 84-24260 (PV120).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 11-09011
				05260 AH-64D PVD260 Block I, ex AH-64A 84-24208 (PV068).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 11-09017
				05261 AH-64D PVD261 Block I, ex AH-64A 86-08945 (PV315).  (3-3rd Avn) shot down by insurgents with MANPAD at 
					Mishahda, Iraq Jun 27, 2005. Both crew killed.
				05262 AH-64D PVD262 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00208 (PV538).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 11-09021
				05263 AH-64D PVD263 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00239 (PV569)
				05264 AH-64D PVD264 Block I, ex AH-64A 85-25472 (PV293).  Rebuilt as AH-64E
				05265 AH-64D PVD265 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00251 (PV581)
				05266 AH-64D PVD266 Block I, ex AH-64A 84-24290 (PV150).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 10-09006
				05267 AH-64D PVD267 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00283 (PV602).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 11-09012
				05268 AH-64D PVD268 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00244 (PV574)
				05269 AH-64D PVD269 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00207 (PV537)
				05270 AH-64D PVD270 Block I, ex AH-64D 89-00192, with (3-3rd AVN) crashed in Kuwait in training accident Jan 21, 2005.  
					One crew member killed, the other injured (AFM Apr 2006)
				05271 AH-64D PVD271 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00224 (PV554).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 11-09013
				05272 AH-64D PVD272 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00218 (PV548).  Rebuilt as AH-64E 11-09014
				05273 AH-64D PVD273 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00201 (PV531)
				05274 AH-64D PVD274 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00245 (PV575)
				05275 AH-64D PVD275 Block I, ex AH-64A 84-24257 (PV117).  Rebuilt as AH-64E
				05276 AH-64D PVD276 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00255 (PV585)
				05277 AH-64D PVD277 Block I, ex AH-64A 84-24271 (PV131)
				05278 AH-64D PVD278 Block I, ex AH-64A 88-00281 (PV600)
				05279 AH-64D PVD279 Block I, ex AH-64A 85-25483 (PV304)
				05280 AH-64D PVD280 Block I, ex AH-64A 84-24272 (PV132)
				05281 AH-64D PVD281 Block I, ex AH-64A 86-08974 (PV344)
				05282 AH-64D PVD282 Block I, ex AH-64A 84-24282 (PV142)
				05283 AH-64D PVD283 Block I, ex AH-64A 83-23829 (PV054)
				05284 AH-64D PVD284 Block I, ex AH-64D 89-00228 (PV640)
01-26878/26893		Sikorsky UH-60L Lot 25 Black Hawk
				26880 to AFTD Eglin AFB in 2011
				26881 from Indiana NG to New York NG.
				26884 MSN 702670.  HH-60G noted Huntsville, AL, 21APR22
				26885 MSN 702677.  HH-60G USAF noted SES, Huntsville, AL 05 Nov 2020
				26886 MSN 702679
				26889 MSN 702686
				26890 MSN 702688.  Active with United States Army Reserve in April 2021.
				26891 noted with 1-244th Avn Louisiana Army National Guard at Alexandria, Louisiana Mar 3, 2015.
				26893 from Indiana NG to New York NG.
01-26894/26895		Sikorsky HH-60L Lot 25 Black Hawk
				26894 (MSN 702706) Registered as N605CK on October 1, 2019 with Pilotinside.com Llc, Medford, Oregon. 
				26895 (MSN 702710) Active in April 2018 with California Army National Guard, Sacramento. 
01-26896/26901		Sikorsky S-70A-41 Black Hawk
				To Policia Nacional de Colombia
				26897 (MSN 702512)
				26898 (MSN 702513
				26900 (MSN 702629)
				26901 (MSN 702631) to Policia Nacional de Colombia as PNC-0607
01-26902/26905		Sikorsky A-70A-41 Black Hawk
				To Colombian AF as FAC4131/FAC4134
01-26906/26926		Sikorsky S-70A-41 Black Hawk
				26917, 26920/26923 MSN 702649, 702653/702654, 702656, 702659
				26906/26911 to Colombian Army as EJC-157/162.
				26912/26918 to Colombian Army as EJC-164/170.
				26919 to Colombian Army as EJC-163.
				26920/26926 to Colombian Army as EJC-171/177.
01-26927/26929		Sikorsky S-70A-43 Black Hawk
				26927, 26929 MSN 702672, 702690
				26927 (MSN 702672) to Royal Thai Army initially as 1901, then as 6927
				26928 to Royal Thai Army initially as 1902, then as 6928.  Crashed Jul 19, 2011.
				26929 (MSM 702690) to Royal Thai Army initially as 1903, then as 6929.