1995 USAF Serial Numbers

Last revised May 5, 2015

95-0001/0002	Boeing Sikorsky YRAH-66 Comanche
			0001 MSN 66-003
			0002 is reported as being serial number of OH-58D(1) of 4-6th CAv that 
				crashlanded in Northern Iraq Jul 4, 2007, killing one crewman and
				injuring the other.  Was the second Comanche not built and serial
95-0003/0006	Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
			0006 (A Troop/2-17th Cav) reported to have crashed in Iraq Mar 28, 2003.
95-0007		Mil Mi-8MTB-1 "Hip"
			operated by OTSA

95-0040/0071	Raytheon Beech T-1A Jayhawk
			MSN TT-149/180
95-00072/00087	Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
			MSN 43372/43387.  Note extra zero in serial.  00072/00079 converted to OH-58D(I)
			00072 (E Coy/3-7th Cav) crashed Jul 3, 2003 at unspecified location during support mission.
				Encounted brownout on takeoff and crashed.  Declared w/o, crew slightly injured.
			00077 (6-6th Cav) while flying over Iraq Jan 26, 2009 in company with 95-00034
				both helicopters struck by enemy fire and collided while taking
				evasive action.  Both crashed, all 4 crewmembers killed.
			00080 (N Troop 4-3rd ACR) crashed at Fort Irwin Aug 24, 2002.
			00081 was rebuilt from OH-58A 72-21333
			00082 was rebuilt from OH-58A 72-21125
			00083 was rebuilt from OH-58A 72-21437.
95-0088/0101	Raytheon Beech C-12R Huron
			MSN BW-016/029
			All converted to C-12V
95-0102/0107	McDonnell Douglas C-17 Lot VII Globemaster III
			MSN 50031/50036, line number F-30/F-35
			0102 is named *Spirit of Long Beach*
			0104 is named *Spirit of Airborne*
			0105 is named *Sprit of 9-11..Let's Roll*
			0106 is named *Spirit of Bob Hope*
			0107 is named *Spirit of North Charleston*.  Damaged during landing in northern
				Iraq Apr 21, 2003 when ran into construction equipment

95-0120		Raytheon Beech C-12C
			contract cancelled, to NASA
95-0121/0122	Northrop Grumman E-8C JSTARS
			Boeing 707 airframes modified by Northrop Grumman as JSTARS ircraft
			0121 (P-8) ex 707-321C MSN 20016 ex N870PA with Pan Am, later
				9K-ACS, N146SP, N527SJ, N770FW, 68-11174.
			0122 (P-7) ex 707-3D3C MSN 20495, JY-ADP (Alia), then USAF 71-1841.
95-0123/0124	Cessna UC-35A
			Military version of Citation V Ultra (Model 560)
			0123 (MSN 560-0387) had civil registration of N5108G, assigned to 24th Aviation Regiment, US Army, Wiesbaden, Germany
			0124 (MSN 560-0392) had civil registration of N5093L
			There is a UC-35A with s/n 50125.  This may be 95-1025, but need confirmation.

95-0901/0909	Lockheed Martin P-3C Orion		

95-0911		Mil Mi-17

95-1001/1003	Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules
			1001 (MSN 382-5421)
			1002 (MSN 382-5422).  Named "Spirit of St. Paul" with Minnesota ANG Jan 2013.
			1003 (MSN 382-5423) reserialed 96-1003
95-1086		Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules
			This might be MSN 5435, JASDF serial 85-1086

95-1991/1992	Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules

95-2001/2002	Teledyne Ryan RQ-4A Global Hawk (Tier II Plus)
			MSN AV-1/AV-2
			2001 (AV-1) transferred to NASA in 2008.
			2002 crashed 3/29/1999 near Searle Lake on China Lake Range.
95-2003/2004	General Atomics RQ-1A Predator (Tier II)
			These may be ground control stations

95-3000/3011	Beech Raytheon T-6A Texan II
			3000 Batch 1 MSN PT-4; c/r N23262
			3001 Batch 2 MSN PT-5; c/r N23263.  To US Navy as BuNo 165958
			3002 Batch 2 MSN PT-6; c/r N23268
			3003 Batch 2 MSN PT-7; c/r N2758B
			3004 Batch 3 MSN PT-8
			3005 Batch 3 MSN PT-9
			3006 Batch 3 MSN PT-10
			3007 Batch 3 MSN PT-11
			3008 Batch 3 MSN PT-12 crashed Aug 31, 2000.  Crew ejected safely, after a "guest" instructor 
				unfamiliar with the cockpit layout pulled the wrong lever.
			3009 Batch 3 MSN PT-13
			3010 MSN PT-14
			3011 MSN PT-15 

95-3013/3021	General Atomics RQ-1K/L Predator (Tier II)
			3013 MSN P-013
			3014 MSN P-014.  (57th Wing) Shown on Iraqi TV Mar 27, 2003 floating in surf at an unknown location, 
				presumably crashed or shot down
			3015 MSN P-015
			3016 MSN P-016.  Lost over Kosovo 5/1999.
			3017 MSN P-017.  (57th Wing, 11th RS) lost over Bosnia Apr 17, 1999
			3018 MSN P-018
			3019 MSN P-019.  (57th Wing, 11th RS) lost over Kosovo May 13, 1999
			3020 MSN P-020.  (57th Wing, 11th RS) lost over "Southwest Asia" (Iraq?) 
				Feb 24, 1999
			3021 MSN P021.  (57th Wing, 11th RS) lost over Kosovo May 19, 1999

95-3058		Dornier C-146A Wolfhound
			Do328-110 MSN 3058 ex D-CDXZ,N440JS,D-CIRE,N570EF.  To 27th SOW, 524th SOS
95-5003/5004	General Atomics RQ-1P Predator Ground Control Station
95-5005/5007	General Atomics RQ-1Q Predator Ground Control Station
95-6039		Pilatus UV-20A Chiricahua
			MSN 907.  Pilatus PC-6 Porter.  Registered N601Et Oct 2, 1995, reregistered Nov 15, 1996.  
				Registered N68859 Nov 15, 1996, cancelled 1997.  To USAF in 1997.  Used by 427th SOS. 
				Registered N907AW to US Department of State, Patrick AFB, Florida Apr 2, 2009, current. 
95-6709/6712	Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules
			For West Virginia ANG.
			6709 (MSN 382-5417)
			6710 (MSN 382-5418)
			6711 (MSN 382-5419)
			6712 (MSN 382-5420)			

		- Army serials start here -

95-00008/00036	Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
			Note extra zero in serial
			00008 with 2-17th Cav 101st CAB.  Flown to Don F. Pratt Museum, Fort Campbell, Kentuck Apr 22, 2015 for eventual display.
			00011 with 2-6th Cav 25th CAB.
			00012 rebuilt from 87-0760.
			00017 damaged in hard landing near Kirkuk, Iraq Mar 1, 207 following
				mechanical problem.  Both crew injured.  AFM 5/2007, 6/2007
			00021 (1-10th Avn) struck top of embankment and cartwheled into ground at
				Mosul, Iraq Jan 13, 2006 while assisting Iraqi police who had come under
				fire.  Both crew KIA.  AFM 6/2007
			00024 (C Troop/2-17th Cav) reported to have crashed in Iraq Mar 27, 2003.
			00034 (6-6th Cav) while flying over Iraq Jan 26, 2009 in company with 95-00077
				both helicopters struck by enemy fire and collided while taking
				evasive action.  Both crashed, all 4 crewmembers killed.

95-00072/0087	Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior
			00078 with 2-6th Cav 25th CAB
			00083 with B troop 1-230th Cav

95-00108/00119	McDonnell Douglas AH-64A Apache
			MSN PV926/PV937.  Lot 13.  All remanufactured as AH-64D and
				delivered to Egypt as 3725/3736

95-16555		Antonov An-2T Colt
			Previously quoted as 91-6555.  Assigned to US Army Threat Systems Management Office, Biggs Army Airfleld, El Paso, Texas
			On display in Apr 2012 at Southern Museum of Flight, Birmingham, Alabama

95-22258		Antonov An-2R Colt
			MSN 1G126-01.  Previously quoted as 91-22258.  Assigned to US Army Threat Systems Management Office, Biggs Army Airfleld, 
				El Paso, Texas

95-25367/25372	McDonnell Douglas AH-6J Little Bird
			Model 530MG Mission Enhanced Little Bird (MELB) avionics upgrade.
			All assigned to 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), Night Stalkers
			25371 modified to MH-6J

95-26596/26663 	Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk
			26619, 26620, 26622/26627,26634 to MH-60L
			26597 (B Co/2-82nd Avn) crashed into trees 50 mi W of Richmond, VA Oct 27, 2004
					during low-level training flight using night vision goggles.  All four
					crew members injured, one critically.
			26598 (1-159th AVN) crashed Jan 31, 1998.
			26602 (MSN 702119)
			26603 (MSN 702120)
			26604 (MSN 702121)
			26605 (MSN 702122)
                26606 (MSN 702123)
                26607 (MSN 702124)
                26608 (MSN 702125)
                26609 (MSN 702126)          
			26620 (MSN 702141) from Indiana NG to New York NG.
			26621 (MSN 702142)
			26622 (MSN 702143, B Coy/2-2nd Avn) landed hard in Dam Site Training Area at Camp
				Stanley Uijongbu, South Korea Oct 15, 2004 while practicing dust
				landings and main rotor blades struck the tail cone from which the
				pylon detached.
			26623 (MSN 702144)
			26624 MSN 702145
			26627/26655 MSN 702152/2180
				26648 (MSN 702173, B/3-158 AHB) crashed near Al-Mahzam area Camp Speicher outside Tikrit, Iraq Apr 17, 2010.  1 killed.
				26649 MSN 702174
				26653 (MSN 702178) (A Coy/3-158th Avn) struck by RPG while flying
					near Tikrit, Iraq Oct 25, 2003.  Made successful forced landing
					but then hit by further fire and subsequently burnt out.
					All 5 occupants injured but were rescued by accompanying H-60.  AFM 5/2007.
			26656 (MSN 702147)
			26657 (MSN 702184)
			26658 (MSN 702149)

95-88180/88188	Boeing Helicopters CH-47SD Chinook
			FMS to Singapore Army.  the CH-47s in this batch are 95-88180/1/2/3/6/8 MSNs M4511 thru 4516. A lot of 
				Far Eastern countries do not use certain numerals because of their association with bad luck  for 
				example in Chinese the word for 4 is very similar to their word for death  so some serial 
				numbers are frequently missing.

Note: Lockheed Corporation and Martin Marietta Corporation merged in March 
of 1995, forming Lockheed Martin Corporation.