P-40 With Brazilian Air Force

Last revised October 2, 2002

With the entry of Brazil into the Second World War on the Allied side, the Forca Aerea Brasileira (FAB) became eligible for Lend-Lease assistance, including the delivery of combat aircraft.

Among these were a batch of P-40s diverted from RAF orders. The first examples to arrive were six P-40Es which were delivered in April of 1942. 31 P-40Ks were later delivered, as were 9 P-40Ms and 41 P-40Ns, for a total of 87 P-40s being delivered.

The FAB P-40s were retained in Brazil to protect against any Axis attack originating from North Africa. In addition, they participated in convoy protection duties.

The P-40 continued to serve with the FAB after the end of the war. They were all moved to Base Aerea de Canoas, where they equippped the 3rd Fighter Group of the 3rd Aviation Regiment. This group was redesignated as the 1st Squadron of the 14th Aviation Group in 1947. The service of the P-40 with the FAB continued well into the 1950s, when a fatal accident caused by wing spar fatigue forced the retirement of all surviving P-40s in 1954.


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