General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon for Iraq

Last revised September 22, 2015

In order to fight against the ISIS insurgency, in 2008 the government of Iraq sought to purchase 36 F-16s for its air force to replace its Russian and Chinese fighters that were acquired after the Iran-Iraq War by Saddam Hussein's regime. In the spring of 2009, an initial order of 28 was placed, and a supplementary order for 18 more being placed later. The first set was delivered, with all 36 currently on order to be delivered by 2018.

The first F-16IQ Block 52 fighter was delivered to Iraw on Jun 5, 2014. Due to advances made by the Islamic State militants, Iraqi F-16s were sent to Tucson, Arizona for initial training of Iraqi pilots. 4 F-16IQ aircraft were delivered to Balad Air Base on July 13, 2015.

Serials of Iraqi F-16s:

12-0004/0015		Lockheed Martin F-16C-52 Fighting Falcon
				MSN RA-01/RA-12.  FMS for Iraqi AF as 1607/1618
12-0016/0021		Lockheed Martin F-16D-52 Fighting Falcon
				MSN RB-1/RB-6.  FMS to Iraqi AF as 1601/1606


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