RF-15 "Peek Eagle"

Last revised March 4, 2000

Very early in the Eagle program, McDonnell Douglas had proposed an RF-15 reconnaissance version of the Eagle. The RF-15 would have been equipped with a new nose containing cameras, side-looking airborne radar, television cameras, and a multi-spectral scanner. This proposal was rejected by the Air Force, and no dedicated reconnaissance version of the Eagle was ever built.

As a private venture named Project Peek Eagle, the second TF-15A test vehicle (71-291) was modified with a conformal centerline pod equipped with reconnaissance cameras, imaging equipment, and data link. However, the project was not pursued beyond the test stage.

In 1995, an F-15D (82-046) was modified to carry a Loral-Fairchild ATARS multi- sensor pod on the centerline. Two test flights were carried out, but the system was not adopted for the F-15.

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