General Dynamics F-111K

Last revised December 22, 1999

On February 1, 1967, the Royal Air Force ordered 46 F-111K strike fighters and four TF-111K proficiency trainers. These were intended to fill the gap left by the cancellation of the BAC TSR-2. The F-111Ks were assigned RAF serials XV902/947, but they were also assigned the USAF serial numbers 68-0152/0158, 68-0181/0210, and 68-0229/0238. The TF-111Ks were assigned RAF serials XV884/887, with equivalent USAF serials being 67-0149/0152.

However, the Royal Air Force order was cancelled at the beginning of 1968, the reason being given that they were much too expensive.

When the RAF order was cancelled, two TF-111Ks were almost ready. They were taken over by the USAF, which designated them YF-111A and intended to use them for tests. Their serial numbers were 67-0149/0150. However, these planes were never actually completed.


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