Foreign Customers for the F-106

Last revised December 18, 1999

Perhaps due to its high cost and complexity, the Delta Dart was never exported to foreign air forces. A pair of F-106s were displayed at the 25th Paris Air Show in June of 1963, but no customers were forthcoming. Convair tried to interest Canada in a Canadian version-not merely as in interceptor but also for the strike role. Nothing ever came of this idea. There were also plans for F-106 final assembly and production in Germany, but these plans never reached fruition. There was a proposal for an F-106 version for Japan with an MG-10 fire control system (the same one that was fitted to the F-102A Delta Dagger) and six Super Falcon missiles. It was also to have ground-attack capability, with a pair of pylons underneath each wing capable of carrying bombs or fuel tanks. The Japanese sale never took place and several year later Japan undertook manufacture of the F-4EJ Phantom.


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