McDonnell F-101F Voodoo

Last revised November 28, 1999

Produced alongside the F-101B interceptor was the F-101F operational and conversion trainer. The 79 F-101Fs were equipped with dual controls, but carried the same armament as the F-101B and were fully combat-capable. Most of these F-101Fs were retrofitted with infrared sensors and improved fire-control systems as part of Project *Bold Journey*. The F-101F was externally identical to the F-101B, and the two aircraft could only be distinguished from each other by an examination of their serial numbers.

Dual-control F-101F aircraft were widespread throughout the F-101 interceptor fleet, but a sizeable proportion of them were concentrated in the training units with only a handfull being assigned to each operational F-101B interceptor unit. Reconnaissance Voodoo units were also assigned a few F-101Fs to assist with their conversion training.

Canada's air force received ten F-101F two-seat operational trainers in parallel with the acquisition of its 56 F-101B interceptors. These included four F-101F-116-MCs (59-393, 400, 407, and 437) and six F-101F-121-MCs (59-443, 449, 454, 460, 466, 472, and 478). In Canadian service, they were designated CF-101F.

In 1970-71, the surviving CF-101Fs from the initial batch delivered to Canada were returned to the USA and exchanged for ten new F-101F operational trainers under Operation *Peach Wings*. These ex-USAF Voodoos were from earlier production batches, but had been upgraded with infrared sensors and improved fire control systems as part of Project *Bold Journey*.

Serials of F-101F:

56-0244/0245		McDonnell F-101F-51-MC Voodoo
56-0246/0247		McDonnell F-101F-56-MC Voodoo
56-0253			McDonnell F-101F-61-MC Voodoo
				to Canadian Armed Forces as 101001 in 1970/71
56-0260			McDonnell F-101F-66-MC Voodoo
				to Canadian Armed Forces as 101002 in 1970/71
56-0262			McDonnell F-101F-66-MC Voodoo
				to Canadian Armed Forces as 101003 in 1970/71
56-0274/0277		McDonnell F-101F-71-MC Voodoo
				0277 to Canadian Armed Forces as 101004 
					in 1970/71
56-0289			McDonnell F-101F-76-MC Voodoo
56-0294			McDonnell F-101F-76-MC Voodoo
56-0299			McDonnell F-101F-76-MC Voodoo
56-0304			McDonnell F-101F-81-MC Voodoo
				to Canadian Armed Forces as 101005 in 1970/71
56-0308			McDonnell F-101F-81-MC Voodoo
56-0312			McDonnell F-101F-81-MC Voodoo
56-0316			McDonnell F-101F-81-MC Voodoo
56-0320			McDonnell F-101F-81-MC Voodoo
56-0324			McDonnell F-101F-81-MC Voodoo
				to Canadian Armed Forces as 101006 in 1970/71
56-0328			McDonnell F-101F-81-MC Voodoo
				to Canadian Armed Forces as 101007 in 1970/71
57-0263			McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0267			McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0271			McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0275			McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0279			McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0283			McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0287 		McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0292			McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0297			McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0302			McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0307			McDonnell F-101F-86-MC Voodoo
57-0312			McDonnell F-101F-91-MC Voodoo
57-0317			McDonnell F-101F-91-MC Voodoo
57-0322			McDonnell F-101F-91-MC Voodoo
57-0327			McDonnell F-101F-91-MC Voodoo
57-0332			McDonnell F-101F-91-MC Voodoo
				at Tyndall Air Park, Florida
57-0337			McDonnell F-101F-91-MC Voodoo
57-342			McDonnell F-101F-91-MC Voodoo
57-347			McDonnell F-101F-91-MC Voodoo
57-352			McDonnell F-101F-91-MC Voodoo
57-357			McDonnell F-101F-91-MC Voodoo
57-365			McDonnell F-101F-96-MC Voodoo
57-372			McDonnell F-101F-96-MC Voodoo
57-379			McDonnell F-101F-96-MC Voodoo
57-386			McDonnell F-101F-96-MC Voodoo
57-393			McDonnell F-101F-96-MC Voodoo
57-400			McDonnell F-101F-96-MC Voodoo
57-407			McDonnell F-101F-96-MC Voodoo
57-414			McDonnell F-101F-101-MC Voodoo
57-421			McDonnell F-101F-101-MC Voodoo
57-428			McDonnell F-101F-101-MC Voodoo
57-449			McDonnell F-101F-101-MC Voodoo
58-0262			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-0269			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-0276			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-0283			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-0290			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-297			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-304			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-311			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-318			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-324			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-331			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
58-338			McDonnell F-101F-106-MC Voodoo
59-0393  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				to RCAF as 17393 in 1968 
59-0400  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				to RCAF as 17400 in 1968.
59-0407  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				to RCAF as 17407 in 1968.
59-0413  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				at Empire State Aerosciences Museum, Scotia,
59-0419  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
59-0425  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
59-0437  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				to RCAF as 17437 in 1968.
59-0443  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				to RCAF as 17443 in 1968.
59-0449  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				to RCAF as 17449 in 1968.
59-0454  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
59-0460  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				to RCAF as 17460 in 1968.
59-0466  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				to RCAF as 17466 in 1968.
59-0472  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				to RCAF as 17472 in 1968.
59-0478  		McDonnell F-101F-116-MC Voodoo
				to RCAF as 17478 in 1968.

Specification of the F-101F:

Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney J57-P-55 turbojets, 11,990 lb.s.t. dry and 16,900 lb.s.t. with afterburner. Performance: Maximum speed 1134 mph at 35,000 feet. Initial climb rate 49,200 feet/min. Service ceiling 58,400 feet, combat ceiling 51,000 feet. Normal range 1520 miles, maximum range 1930 miles. Weights: 28,970 pounds empty, 45,664 pounds gross, 40,853 pounds combat weight, 52,400 pounds maximum takeoff. Dimensions: wingspan 39 feet 8 inches, length 67 feet 5 inches, height 18 feet 0 inches, wing area 368 square feet. Fuel: Maximum internal fuel load was 2053 US gallons. A total of three under-fuselage drop tanks could be carried, bringing maximum fuel load to 2953 US gallons. Armament: Armed with four Falcon AAMs (usually 2 GAR-1 (AIM-4) semiactive radar homers and 2 GAR-2 (AIM-4B) infrared homers) in internal ventral weapons bay. In later versions, two unguided AIR-2A Genie unguided rockets with nuclear warheads could be carried in place of two of the Falcons on external attachment points.


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