McDonnell RF-101H Voodoo

Last revised November 28, 1999

Following their removal from active USAF service in 1965, 31 ex-USAF F-101Cs (serial numbers 54-1486/1488, 1491, and 1493, 56-1/4, 6, 10/12/ 14, 16, 18-20, 22/23, 25/27, 29, 30, 32/36, 39) were modified by Lockheed Aircraft Service Company of Ontario, California to serve as unarmed reconnaissance aircraft with the Air National Guard. Their radar and armament were removed and new nose cones housing cameras were installed. These aircraft were redesignated RF-101H. They differed from the RF-101G (an equivalent conversion of the F-101A) only in having the strengthened airframe of the C.

Along with the RF-101G, the RF-101Hs served with the 154th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron/189th Tactical Fighter Group of the Arkansas ANG, with the 165th TRS/123rd TFG of the Kentucky ANG, and with the 192nd TRS of the Nevada ANG. Beginning in 1970, these aircraft were supplemented by RF-101Cs retired from active USAF stocks. In 1971, the ANG fleet was rationalized, with all RF-101Hs being assigned to the Kentucky ANG. The Kentucky ANG transferred its RF-101Gs to the Arkansas ANG, and upon the arrival of RF-101Bs, the Nevada ANG sent its RF-101Hs to the Kentucky ANG at Louisville. The last reconnaissance Voodoos were withdrawn from ANG service in 1979.

Serials of RF-101H:

54-1486/1493		McDonnell F-101C-40-MC Voodoo 
				1486/1488 converted to RF-101H
				1491 converted to RF-101H
				1493 converted to RF-101H
56-0001/0005		McDonnell F-101C-40-MC Voodoo
				0001/0004 converted to RF-101H.
56-0006/0019		McDonnell F-101C-45-MC Voodoo
				0006 converted to RF-101H.
				0010/0012 converted to RF-101H.
				0011 at Pima Air Museum, Tucson, AZ.
				0014 converted to RF-101H.
				0016 converted to RF-101H.
				0018,0019 converted to RF-101H.
56-0020/0032		McDonnell F-101C-50-MC Voodoo
				0020 converted to RF-101H.
				0022,0023 converted to RF-101H.
				0025/0027 converted to RF-101H.
				0029/0032 converted to RF-101H
56-0033/0039		McDonnell F-101C-55-MC Voodoo
				0033/0036 converted to RF-101H
				0039 converted to RF-101H

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