Last revised July 5, 1999

The NBS-2 was a project of the L.W.F. (Lowe, Willard, and Fowler) Engineering Company of College Point, Long Island for a twin-engined biplane bomber designed to replace the Martin-designed NBS-1. The L.W.F company had manufactured 35 examples of the NBS-1, and the company's proposal was based largely on their experience with that project.

The NBS-2 was based on the larger LWF Owl. The Owl was a three-engined mailplane with a 107-foot wingspan. The proposed NBS-2 was a scaled-down version of the Owl with only two engines and a 90-foot wingspan. Like the NBS-1, the NBS-2 was to have been powered by a pair of Liberty 12A liquid-cooled engines. However, unlike the NBS-1, the fuselage was to be made largely of metal.

Unfortunately, the L.W.F. company went out of business in April of 1923, and the project was cancelled before anything could be completed.


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