Martin B-26G Marauder

Last revised September 16, 2017

The final production version of the Marauder was the B-26G. It was externally similar to the B-26F, but had universal Army-Navy equipment rather than specifically Air Corps-type equipment. A larger life raft compartment was installed in the top section of the forward fuselage. Provision was made for mechanical emergency extension of the nosewheel.

Both the B-26F and G were sometimes fitted with a fairing underneath the aft turret. There has been a long discussion on a B-26 social media group as to what the fairing was for. The conclusion seems to be that it was not a tail bumper. Roger Freeman and thus others, claim it is was cartrage case collector used to prevent casings from crashing into formations. Others clsin it is was faired OBOE pathfinder antenna

150 B-26Gs were supplied to the RAF under Lend-Lease. RAF serials were HD602 to HD751. Like the B-26Fs, these were also known as Marauder IIIs

The last B-26G was delivered by Martin-Baltimore on April 18, 1945, bringing Marauder production to an end.

Serials of B-26G:

43-34115/34214		Martin B-26G-1-MA Marauder
43-34215/34414		Martin B-26G-5-MA Marauder
43-34415/34539		Martin B-26G-10-MA Marauder
				34465/34538 for RAF as Marauder III HD602/HD676
43-34540/34614		Martin B-26G-11-MA Marauder
				34580/34602 to French AF		
44-67805/67954		Martin B-26G-15-MA Marauder
				67945/67954 converted to TB-26G-15-MA
44-67955/67969		Martin TB-26G-20-MA Marauder
44-67970/67989		Martin B-26G-20-MA Marauder
44-67990/68064		Martin B-26G-21-MA Marauder
				For RAF as Marauder III HD677/HD751
44-68065/68104		Martin B-26G-20-MA Marauder
44-68105/68254		Martin B-26G-25-MA Marauder
				68221 modified as XB-26H
				68222/68253 converted to TB-26G.

Specification of B-26G:

Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney R-2800-43 eighteen-cylinder air-cooled radial engines with two-speed superchargers, each rated at 1920 hp for takeoff and 1490 hp at 14,300 feet. Performance (at maximum weight): Maximum speed 283 mph at 5000 feet, 274 mph at 15,000 feet. Initial climb rate 1000 feet per minute. Service ceiling 19,800 feet. Range at maximum cruising power 1100 miles. Take off distance to 50 feet, 6100 feet. Landing distance from 50 feet, 1400 feet. maximum takeoff. Dimensions: Wingspan 71 feet 0 inches, length 58 feet 1 inches, height 20 feet 4 inches, wing area 658 square feet. Armament: Eleven 0.50-inch Colt-Browning machine guns. One in flexible nose position, four in blister packs on sides of fuselage, two in dorsal turret, two in tail turret, two in waist positions.


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