US Navy and US Marine Corps BuNos

First Series (A6002 to 9999)

Last revised October 4, 2011

A6002/6004		DH-4B - transfer from War Department cancelled.  Also listed as
				cancelled Curtiss SA-3 seaplanes
A6005/6007		Macchi M-16
A6008/6009		Fokker FT-1
				Liberty 12A-powered version of NV Fokker-built T III single-
					engined twin-float torpedo monoplane
A6010			Fokker FT-2
				A6010 to civil registry as NC5763 in 1927.
A6011/6020		Naval Aircraft Factory VE-7SF
A6021/6030		Lewis & Vought VE-7-SF
A6031			Douglas DT-1
				c/n 101.  Military variant of Cloudster.  Later converted to DT-2 prototype.
				In accident Mar 8, 1922 in San Francisco Bay, CA
A6032/6033		Douglas DT-2
				c/n 102/103
				6032 in accident at NAS Anacostia Jul 19, 1922.
A6034/6048		Naval Aircraft Factory PT-1
				Built using Curtiss HS-1L stock wings.
A6049/6054		Numbers reserved for Austrian government seaplanes which were
				shipped to USA in 1920 but not put into flying condition.
				Aircraft were S-26, R-9, S-32, L-126, A-125, A-87.   All SOC Sep 22, 1921.
A6055			Dornier CS-2 Dolpphin
				c/n 21.  Later modified to Dornier L-I.  Purchased by Navy to study all-metal construction.
A6056/6057		Blackburn BST-1 Swift
				British torpedo bomber purchased for tests.
				A6056 used for tests at NS Anacostia Oct 1922 to Mar 1923 then stored
					at NAF Philadelphia.  To San Diego for expermental use Jan 1924
					Partiall submerged in salt water as result of minor accident
					Oct 23, 1924.  recovered and used for spares for A6057.  SOC 
					Dec 17, 1924.
				A6057 tested at NAS Anacostia Oct 1922 to Mar 1923.  Then stored at
					NAF Philadelphia.  To San Diego for experimental use Jan 1924.
					SOC at Sand Point Mar 10, 1925.
A6058			Dornier D.1 
				Also reported as a Dornier DO J Wal.
				A6058 is described as a Dornier D.I in Cross & Cockade International 13 No 3 (1982) 
A6059			Naval Aircraft Factory "giant boat" - project cancelled
A6060/6070		Thomas-Morse MB-3
A6071			Thomas-Morse MB-7
A6072			Stout SV-1
				Contract cancelled
A6073			Vickers Viking IV
A6074/6076		Connecticut Aircraft free balloon
				A6074 SOC Jan 31, 1935
				A6075 SOC Aug 31, 1935
				A6076 SOC Aug 31, 1935
A6077/6079		Serials not used
A6080			Curtiss CR-1
				later converted to CR-3 seaplane
A6081			Curtiss CR-2
				Later converted to CR-3 seaplane
				Both CR-1 and CR-2 were designed by the US Navy to compete for the 1921 Pullitzer Trophy Race, but did not compete. 
				The CR-2 was raced by Curtiss as a private entry.
				The CR-1 was converted to CR-2 configuration [retaining CR-1 designation] for 1922 race; as Race #8 came in fourth.
				The CR-2 was also entered for 1922 race; as Race #40 coming in third. 
				Both aircraft converted to CR-3 seaplane in 1923 to compete in the Schneider Trophy Race. A6081, Race #4 won 
					with A6080, Race #3 second. 
				The European entries withdrew from the 1924 race, to be held in the US; rather than win by default the US 
					cancelled the race but set up a series of record attempts. A6081 set a new world closed-course seaplane speed 
					record of 188.07 mph.
				A6081 was ot raced in 1925, A6081 was used as a test bed and trainer for the 1926 racing teams with designation CR-4.
A6082			Dayton-Wright WA-1
				SOC Apr 7, 1925
A6083			Dayton-Wright WS-1
				SOC Nov 3, 1923
A6084/6102		Dayton-Wright WA/WD (cancelled)
A6085/6095		Dayton-Wright DT-2
				DW-built version of Douglas DT-2
A6103/6110		Goodyear Type F Kite Balloon
A6111/6112		Goodyear J dirigible
				Numbered J-1 and J-2 respectively
A6113/6192		DH-4B - Surplus Liberty Planes remanufactured by Naval Aircraft Factory
				A6119 accident May 22, 1922 San Diego, Calif 
				6134 was DH-4B-2
				A6125 converted to DH-4Amb-1.  A6125 accident May 22, 1922 San Diego, CA 
				A6131 accident Jun 8, 1922 San Diego Bay, CA
				A6135 w/o in Virginia Jan 26, 1925 
				A6141 accident Jul 7, 1922 Encinitas, CA 
				A6143 accident Sep 19, 1922 San Diego Bay, CA 
				A6146 accident May 11, 1922 Dahlgren Field 
				A6150 w/o in Haiti Jan 24, 1925
				A6157 accident Jun 26, 1922 Gettysburg, PA 
				A6184 at USMC Museum, Quantico, VA.
A6193/6247		Curtiss JN-4HT transferred from War Department
A6248/6270		Curtiss TS-1 
				Curtiss-built version of Naval Aircraft Factory TS-1 
				6251 lost at sea off USS Oklahoma Aug 24, 1926
A6271/6288		Curtiss JN-4HT
A6289/6290		Naval Aircraft Factory BS-1
				Contract cancelled
A6291/6292		Naval Aircraft Factory BS-2
				Contract cancelled
A6293/6294		Naval Aircraft Factory BS-3
				Contract cancelled
A6295/6299		Naval Aircraft Factory BS-1
				Contract cancelled
A6300/6304		Naval Aircraft Factory TS-1 
A6305/6315		Curtiss TS-1
				Curtiss-built version of Naval Aircraft Factory TS-1 
A6316/6325		Naval Aircraft Factory JN-4H
				Contract cancelled
A6326/6343		Naval Aircraft Factory PT-2
				Built using Curtiss HS-2L stock wings.
A6344			Naval Aircraft Factory TG-1
				SOC Sep 5, 1924
A6345			Naval Aircraft Factory TG-4
				SOC Jan 31, 1928
A6346			Naval Aircraft Factory TG-5
				SOC Jun 27, 1928
A6347			Naval Aircraft Factory TG-5
				To Boston Trade School Sep 17, 1928
A6348			Naval Aircraft Factory TG-4
				SOC Oct 23, 1926.  Number also allocated to Goodyear airship F-1
A6349/6351		Huff-Daland HN-1
A6352/6401		DH-4B-1 Liberty Plane - transferred from War Dept. to U. S. Navy.
				A6368 accident Mar 8, 1923 Choppers Field .  Crashed again
				Aug 27, 1923 and completely wrecked.  SOC Nov 3, 1923.	
A6402			Handley Page S-1
				Not delivered due to unsolved directional stability problems. Dismantled
					by manufacturer.
A6403			Handley Page S-2
				Incorporated improvements indicated by testing of A6402.  Wrecked
					when undercarriage collapsed during full-load tests at
					Martlesham Heath
A6404			Handley Page S-3
				Order cancelled after loss of A6403
A6405/6422		Douglas DT-2
				c/n 106/123
A6423/6428		Naval Aircraft Factory DT-2
				NAF-built version of Douglas DT-2
				A6423,6424,6427,6428 modified as DT-4.
				A6427 and 6428 later modified as DT-5.
				A6426 loaned to Army for parachute tests as McCook project number P-323
A6429/6430		Bee Line BR-1
A6431/6432		Naval Aircraft Factory NO-1
A6433			Naval Aircraft Factory NO-2
A6434/6435		Caspar U-1 
				A6434 mounted on truck for parade and damaged beyond repair by low-hanging trees Jul 1923
A6436/6444		Naval Aircraft Factory VE-7H
A6445			Naval Aircraft Factory racing free balloon
A6446/6447 		Naval Aircraft Factory TS-2
				A6446 at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
A6448/6449 		Naval Aircraft Factory TS-3
A6450/6451		Naval Aircraft Factory NM-1
				A6451 cancelled
A6452/6454		Martin M2O-1
				Martin-built version of Naval Aircraft Factory NO-1
A6455/6460		Martin MO-1
A6461/6481		Vought VE-9
				A6461/A6464 converted to VE-9H
				A6461 crashed Sep 8, 1925.  SOC Dec 23, 1925
				A6462 SOC Feb 27, 1928
				A6463 SOC Jul 13, 1923.
				A6464 wrecked on USS Maryland Jul 31, 1923.  SOC Oct 4, 1923.
				A6478 FU-1 prototype
				A6463 wrecked in catapult launch Jul 1923
A6482/6499		Vought UO-1
				A6486 SOC Jan 1929.  To BuAer for catapult tests.
A6500/6505		Curtiss CS-1
				A6501 sent to Glenn L. Martin as pattern for their production of the SC=1
				A6502 converted to CS-2 prototype
				A6503 converted to XSC-7
A6506			NAS HS-2L 
				Reassembled by NAS Coco Solo, Canal Zone
				from various spare parts and reassigned new
				serial number.
A6507/6513		Naval Aircraft Factory HS-2L 
				Reassembled by NAF
				from various spare parts and reassigned new
				serial numbers.
A6514			DH-4B - Surplus Liberty Plane remanufactured by
				Naval Aircraft Factory
A6515/6520		Cox-Klemm XS-1
				6519 converted to XS-2
A6521/6526		Martin MS-1
A6527			Naval Aircraft Factory free balloon
A6528/6542		NAS N-9H
				Curtiss N-9H remanufactured by NAS Pensacola, Florida from various spare parts and assigned new
				serial numbers.
A6543/6544 		Wright NW-1
				A6543 first flight Oct 11, 1922.  Crashed into Lake St Clair, Michigan Oct 14, 1922.
					Pilot escaped serious injuries
				A6544 first flight Dec 1922.  Converted to NW-2 in 1923.  Crashed off coast of
					Cowes, UK Sep 1923 due to engine failure.  Pilot escaped serious injuries.
A6545			Curtiss JN-4HG
				Built from spare parts at MCAS Port au Prince
A6546/6551		Vought UO-1
				A6546 converted to UO-2 single-seat racer.
A6552			Dornier "Libelle" -  listed as cancelled
A6553/6556		NAS HS-2L 
				Reassembled by NAS San Diego, California
				from various spare parts and reassigned new
				serial number.
A6557/6559		NAS F-5L - Hampton Roads
A6560/6562		Huff-Daland HO-1
A6563/6582		Douglas DT-2
				c/n 124/143
				A6577 loaned to Army for parachute tests as McCook Field project number P-351
				A6581 modified as DT-6
A6583/6602		Lowe-Willard-Fowler DT-2
				LWF-built version of Douglas DT-2
 				A6593,6596, and 6597 modified as SDW-1.
A6603/6615		Vought UO-1
				A6611 spun in and crashed Jun 11, 1924, USS Detroit
A6616/6617		Naval Aircraft Factory PN-7
A6618/6632		NAS N-9H
				Curtiss N-9H remanufactured by NAS Pensacola, Florida from various spare parts and assigned new
				serial numbers.
A6633/6662		Martin MO-1
A6663 			Lowe-Willard-Fowler MO-1
A6664/6688		Lowe-Willard-Fowler MO-1 - contract cancelled
A6689/6690		Curtiss F4C-1
				Metal version of TS-1
A6691			Curtiss R2C-1
				Sold to US Army as 23-1235    
A6692			Curtiss R2C-1
				later converted to R2C-2 floatplane
				A6691 and A6692 were built for the 1923 Pullitzer Trophy Race to seek redress for the Army win in the 1922 
					race; they were developments of the Army R-6.
				A6692, race #9, won the race; A6691, race #10, was second. A6692 later raised the world’s speed record a 
					couple of times. 
				A6692 was converted to a floatplane for the 1924 Schneider Trophy Race [which was cancelled]. It was used 
					as a trainer for the 1925 Schneider race and  crashed Aug 13, 1926 when being used again as a 
					trainer for the 1926 race.
A6693/6695		Naval Aircraft Factory N2N-1
A6696			Larson JL-6
A6697			NAS San Diego F-5L assembled from spare parts
A6698/6700		Goodyear free balloon
A6701/6703		Huff-Daland HN-2
A6704/6705		Vought VE-9W
				contract cancelled
A6706/6729		Vought UO-1
				A6708 crashed in 1925
				A6729 converted to UO-5
A6730			Dayton-Wright TW-3
A6731/6732		Curtiss CS-2
				A6731 converted to CS-3
A6733/6742		NAS N-9H
				Curtiss N-9H remanufactured by NAS Pensacola, Florida from various spare parts and assigned new
				serial numbers.
A6743/6744		Wright F2W-1
				6744 modified as F2W-2.
A6745/6747		Longren L-3
				Purchased to test performance of molded fiber construction.
				A6745 to McCook Field as P-367.  Surveyed
A6748			Wright WP-1
				Swiss Dornier all-metal cantilever monoplane.
A6749			Boeing VNB-1
				C/n 518
A6750/6768		Boeing NB-1
				C/n 671/689
A6769/6798		Boeing NB-2
				C/n 690/719
A6799			Naval Aircraft Factory PN-8
				Wrecked while being transported fully-assembled on deck of USS
					West Virginia Mar 13, 1927 when hit by heavy seas and
A6800			Martin N2M-1
A6801/6835		Martin SC-1
				Martin-built version of Curtiss CS-1
				A6834 converted to SC-6
				A6835 converted to XSC-6
A6836/6857		Boeing NB-1
				C/n 753/774
				6856 converted to NB-3 - later reconverted
				    back to NB-1 configuration
				6857 converted to NB-4 - later reconverted
				    back to NB-1 configuration.
A6858/6877		Vought UO-1
				A6860 and A6866 converted to UO-5
				A6870 crashed at Guantanamo Bay Sep 29, 1925, USS Detroit.
					SOC Dec 23, 1925.
A6878			Naval Aircraft Factory PN-8
A6879/6880		Loening OL-1
A6881			Boeing PB-1
				Later converted to PB-2 by Naval Aircraft Factory
A6882/6883		Boeing OB-1
				Contract cancelled
A6884/6893		Boeing FB-1
				C/n 738/747
A6894/6895		Boeing FB-2
				C/n 748/749
A6896			Boeing FB-4
				C/n 751
A6897			Boeing FB-3
				C/n 750
A6898/6927		Boeing O2B-1
				C/n 619/648.  DH-4M-1s rebuilt by Boeing and transferred from USAAC.
				6924/6927 converted to O2B-2
A6928/6967		Martin SC-2
				Martin-built version of Curtiss CS-1 
A6968/6976		Curtiss F6C-1
				Last 4 converted to F6C-2 before delivery
				A6968 converted to prototype F6C-4. Later converted to XF6C-5.  W/o in landing accident at Jones' Farm, 
					Hampton, VA Dec 17, 1929.
				A6969 in National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL.
				A6970 and A6972 converted to F6C-3
A6977			LePere-LUSAC 11 
				transferred from USAAC, ex 42149. SOC Jun 30, 1927
A6978			Curtiss R3C-1
				Later fitted with twin floats as R3C-2.  Later fitted with V-1500 engine as R3C-4
A6979			Curtiss R3C-1
				For U. S. Army for 1925 racing season.  Flown under Navy designation of R3C-1 and Navy serial number.
				Won 1925 Pulitzer Trophy Race.  Later converted to floatplane as R3C-2
				Won 1925 Schneider trophy, flown by James H. Doolittle.  Competed in 1926 Schneider race, coming in second.
				Preserved in National Air Museum.  There is a suggestion that it was A7054 that was allocated to the Army, and 
				that it this aircraft in the National Air Museum.
A6980/6983		Loening OL-2
A6984/7023		Vought UO-1
				A6988, A6997, A6999 converted to UO-5	
				A7005, A7010/7012, A7016 converted to UO-5
				A7009 crashed at Bakersfield, CA Mar 29, wreck donated to Oceanside High School.
A7024/7026		Boeing TB-1
				C/n 834/836.  Development of T3M
				A7024 crashed and sank off Laguna Beach, CA on delivery flight Jun 1927.
A7027 			Naval Aircraft Factory XTN-1
				acted as prototype for Douglas T2D/P2D series.
A7028/7029		Naval Aircraft Factory PN-10
A7030			Loening OL-2
A7031/7050		Vought UO-1
				A7035, A7038 converted to UO-5
				A7033 to McCook Field as P-442
A7051/7053		Douglas T2D-1
A7054			Curtiss R3C-1 
				Later fitted with twin floats as R3C-2 Later fitted with Packard 2A-1500 engine
				as R3C-3.  Now part of NASM collection and is on display.
A7055/7058		Loening OL-3
A7059/7064		Loening OL-4
A7065/7088		Martin T3M-1
A7089/7090		Boeing FB-3
				C/n 802/803
A7091/7100		NAS N-9H
				Curtiss N-9H remanufactured by NAS Pensacola, Florida from various spare parts and assigned new
				serial numbers.
A7101/7127		Boeing FB-5
				C/n 807/833
				A7104 (c/n 810) deployed with Marine Corps in USA and China
				A7114 (c/n 820) reported Summer 2008 at NASM, Udvar-Hazy Center, Chantilly, VA
				A7126 on display at Planes of Fame, Chino, California.
A7128/7162		Curtiss F6C-3
				A7128 delivered Sep 7, 1926 and wrecked at NAS Anacostia Apr 13, 1927.
				A7132 (VF-5) w/o at Norfolk AAF, VA Nov 9, 1927.
				A7138 to VB-1B, then to Aviation Mechanics School, Great Lakes.
				A7144 modified for racing - later modified as F6C-6.  SOC Dec 1931.  
				A7145 served with VF-5 then VJ-4.  SOC Apr 1932.
				A7146 assigned to VF-1M Quantico then Maxwell Field.  SOC Jun 16, 1932
				A7147 won Curtiss Marine Trophy in 1930.  Later converted to XF6C-6 as a monoplane racer for the 1930
					Thompson Trophy Race during which it crashed.
				7136 delivered for test work as XF6C-3
A7163/7202		Consolidated NY-1
A7203/7204		Douglas OD-1
				c/n 278/279.  Naval version of O-2C 
A7205/7220		Consolidated NY-1
A7221/7222		Vought O2U-1 Corsair
A7223			Wright XF3W-1 Apache
				SOC Feb 1935.
A7224/7323		Martin T3M-2
				7224 converted to XT3M-3
A7324/7350		Loening OL-6
				A7335 converted to XOL-7
				A7344 converted to XOL-8
A7351/7360		Consolidated NY-1
A7361/7380		Vought FU-1
A7381			Goodyear R-type kite balloon transferred from USAAC
A7382			Goodyear TC no J-3 transferred from USAAC
				Sent out from NAS Lakehurst,NJ to search for USS Akron survivors,
				experienced engine failure, ditched in surf of New Jersey shore
				Apr 4, 1933.  2 crew killed.
A7383/7384		Naval Aircraft Factory PN-12
A7385			Boeing XF2B-1
				C/n 805
A7386/7389		Goodyear free balloon
A7390/7392		Goodyear TC dirigible
A7393/7423		Curtiss F6C-4
				7393 used for test work as XF6C-4.  Later fitted with P&W Hornet
					engine as XF6C-5.  SOC as DBR Jul 22, 1927
				7394 SOC at San Diego Nov 29, 1932
				7403 converted to XF6C-7 to serve as test bed
				for Ranger SGV-770 engine.
A7424/7455		Boeing F2B-1
				C/n 904/935
A7456/7525		Consolidated NY-2
A7526			Ford XJR-1
				Model 4-AT acquired by US Navy
A7527			Naval Aircraft Factory PN-11
				Delivered Nov 26, 1929.  Caught fire at NAS Anacostia, Washington,
				DC and destroyed Nov 14, 1929.
A7528/7560		Vought O2U-1 Corsair
A7561/7563		Atlantic TA-1
				Navy version of Fokker F.VIIA trimotor airliner.  Used by
					USMC Expeditionary Force in Nicarague.
				Redesignated RA-1 and then RA-3
A7564			De Havilland XDH-60
				De Havilland Cirrus II Moth c/n 372 purchased for use by the US
					naval attache in London.  Sold at end of 1928 as G-AADB.  Crashed near Eastleigh,
					England Jun 29, 1937.
A7565			Romeo Ro.1
				Used by US Naval Attache in Rome as C-VE in 1928
A7566			Martin XT4M-1
A7567/7586		Vought O2U-1 Corsair
A7587/7595		Douglas T2D-1
A7596/7649		Martin T4M-1
A7650/7652		Curtiss XN2C-1 Fledgling
				Later redesigned N2C-1 Jul 1, 1928
A7653			Curtiss XF7C-1
A7654/7670		Curtiss F7C-1
				A7667 on display at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL.
A7671/7672		Curtiss XF8C-1 Falcon
				7671 became F8C-1 and then OC-1.  Served with VO-10M in China and later with VO-8M
				7672 became OC-1 briefly before becoming XOC-3 in 1930.  Soc Apr 1932
A7673			Curtiss XF8C-2 Helldiver
				Original prototype first flew Nov 1928 and was lost during test fligh Dec 3, 1928.  Replaced by
					another aircraft with same serial number Aug 1929.
A7674			Boeing XF3B-1
				C/n 878
A7675/7691		Boeing F3B-1
				C/n 938/954
A7692			Vought XF2U-1
				A7692 SOC Mar 1931
A7693/7707		Consolidated NY-2
A7708/7763		Boeing F3B-1
				C/n 955/1010
A7764/7795		Consolidated NY-2
A7796/7831		Vought O2U-1 Corsair
A7832/7851		Loening OL-8	
				A7843 damaged beyond repair on USS Utah Sep 4, 1928
A7852/7899		Martin T4M-1
A7900/7940		Vought O2U-1 Corsair
A7941/7943		Keystone XNK-1
A7944			Eberhart XFG-1 
				Aircraft later converted to XF2G-1.  SOC Mar 1928.
A7945/7948		Curtiss F8C-1 Falcon
				For US Marine Corps, delivered Jan 1928.  Redesignated OC-1.
				A7947 surveyed Apr 1935.
A7949/7969		Curtiss F8C-3 Falcon
				For US Marine Corps, redesignated at delivery as OC-2
				A7952 scrapped Oct 1935.
				A7956 DBR at San Diego May 19, 1930.  SOC.
A7970/7977		Consolidated NY-2
A7978			Fairchild XJQ-1
				Fairchild FC-2 acquired by Navy.
				Later converted to XJQ-2 and then to XRQ-2
A7979/8003		Douglas PD-1
				Douglas-built version of Naval Aircraft Factory PN-12.
				7989 (VP-6) lost in Pacific Ocean off Hawaii Jun 30, 1930.			
A8004			Hall XPH-1
				SOC Apr 28, 1933.
A8005			Sikorsky XPS-1
A8006			Naval Aircraft Factory XPN-11
A8007/8008		Atlantic TA-2
				Navy version of Fokker F.VIIA trimotor -
				Redesignated RA-2 and then RA-3
A8009			Hall XFH-1
A8010			Boeing XN2B-1
				C/n 1038
A8011			Consolidated XPY-1
				At one stage, fitted with extra engine above wing centersection.  Removed
				Apr 1932 as did not improve performance.
A8012			Atlantic XJA-1
				Fokker Super Universal transport c/n 811 used by
				US Navy for evaluation but not purchased and was returned
				to the manufacturer.  Became NC340K, then CF-ATW.  DBR when
				struck rock at Cambridge Bay, NEW Apr 5, 1934.
A8013/8017		Consolidated NY-2
A8018			Atlantic TA-2
				Navy version of Fokker F.VIIA trimotor -
				Redesignated RA-2 and then RA-3
A8019			Consolidated XN2Y-1
A8020/8050		Curtiss N2C-1 Fledgling
A8051			Martin XT5M-1
				Damaged during terminal dive Oct 15, 1929, lower starboard wing
				caved in, ripping extensive hole.  Plane landed safely.  SOC May 31, 1934
A8052			Naval Aircraft Factory XT2N-1
A8053/8068		Keystone NK-1
A8069/8088		Loening OL-8A
A8089/8090		Sikorsky XPS-2
				Redesignated XRS-2 in 1930
				A8089 (c/n 14-8) withdrawn from use by Nov 1933
				A8090 (c/n 14-9) delivered Jan 1928, withdrawn from use by Nov 1933
A8091/8127		Vought O2U-2 Corsair
			A8094, A8102, A8109, A8111, A8119, A8124 allocated to US Coast Guard 
				May 1934 as 301/306.
A8128/8129		Boeing F4B-1
				Boeing-owned, neither bore military markings nor civil registrations on first flight and during Navy 
					testing.  Although they were not formally Navy property, they were referred to as XF4B-1s 
					administratively. Both private venture prototypes were returned to the factory and were re-worked 
					to production Model 99 F-4B-1s.  They were subsequently purchased by the Navy as additional items, 
					with serials A-8128 (ex Model 89) and A-8129 (ex Model 83).
				A8128 (c/n 1040) Former Boeing Model 89, ex NX7134, sometimes referred to as XF4B-1.
                        A8129 (c/n 1039) Former Boeing Model 83, ex NX7133, also sometimes referred to as XF4B-1.
A8130/8156		Boeing F4B-1
				C/n 1110/1136
				8133 modified as F4B-1A executive aircraft.
A8157			Atlantic TA-3
				Navy version of Fokker F.VIIA trimotor -
				Redesignated RA-3
A8158/8172		Consolidated NY-2A
A8173/8182		Consolidated NY-1
A8183/8192		Consolidated NY-2
A8193/8272		Vought O2U-3 Corsair
				A8203 crashed Jun 15, 1932 at Hampton Roads, Virginia.  2 killed.
A8273/8274		Ford JR-2
				Fort 4-AT-E acquired by US Navy.
				A8273 to McCook Field as P-589 
A8275/8276		Loening XHL-1
A8277/8281		Meadowcroft free balloon
A8282			Aircraft Development Corp. ZMC-2 dirigible
				Designed and developed 1922. One ship ordered 1926. First flown August 1929, delivered Sept. 1929. Last 
				flight was made on Aug. 19, 1939. Later after being used for ground tests, scrapped in 1941.
 				The MC in the designation stood for Metal Clad and the digit for the capacity of 200,000 cu. ft.
A8283			Consolidated XN3Y-1 
A8284/8287		Sikorsky PS-3
				Redesignated RS-3 in 1930
				A8285 (c/n 114-15 ?)
				A8286 (c/n 214-9)
				A8287 (c/n 114-17 ?)
A8288			Berliner-Joyce XFJ-1
				Later converted to XFJ-2
A8289/8313		Martin PM-1
				Production version of Naval Aircraft Factory PN-12.
				8294 collided with OJ2 A9191 and crashed near Boeing MAP
					Seattle, WA Nov 3, 1937. 
A8314			Curtiss XF8C-4 Helldiver
				Second prototype
A8315/8356		Vought O2U-4 Corsair
				A8325 sunk in tideway and swept out to sea Nov 20, 1930
				A8331 crashed Feb 2, 1933 off Oahu, Hawaii.  1 killed, 1 injured.
				A8351 crashed in Norfolk area Sep 28, 1936
A8357			Keystone XOK-1
				Disintegrated in dive during tests Apr 15, 1931.
A8358			Martin XP2M-1
				c/n 119.  Designed by Consolidated, but contract given to lowest
				bidder, Martin.  Later tested with two engines and unofficially
				recorded as XP2M-2
A8359			Berliner-Joyce XOJ-1
				SOC at NAF Oct 31,1936
A8360/8400		Consolidated NY-2
A8401/8410		Consolidated NY-2A
A8411			Martin XT6M-1
A8412/8414		Martin P3M-1
				A8412 converted to P3M-2.  Retired to Trade School, Jacksonville
					Apr 1942
				A8413 converted to P3M-2.  SOC Apr 9, 1942
				A8414 converted to P3M-2.  SOC Nov 29, 1941
A8415/8420		Martin P3M-2
				A8415 SOC Feb 29, 1940
				A8416 retired to Naval Training School, Chicago as ground
					instructional airframe Apr 9, 1942
				A8417 SOC Mar 31, 1941
				A8418 SOC Aug 30, 1941
				A8419 SOC Nov 29, 1941
				A8420 SOC Nov 30, 1939
A8421/8445		Curtiss F8C-4 Helldiver
				Early examples used by VF-1B aboard USS Saratoga.
A8446/8456		Curtiss F8C-5 Helldiver
				Later redesignated O2C-1
				A8446 & A8447 were modified with wing flaps and leading edges slats. Tested by Curtiss as 
					XF8C-6 [Curtiss Model L-117-5], later converted to standard and designated F8C-5 / O2C-1.
				A8456 crashed at Ashland, KY Apr 15, 1935.
A8457			Ford JR-3
				Model 5-AT-C purchased by US Navy
A8458/8475		Great Lakes TG-1
				Variant of T4M-1 built after acquisition of Martin's Cleveland
					Factor by Great Lakes
				A8469 crashed Jan 11, 1932 near San Ysidro, California.  1 killed, 1 injured.
A8476			Goodyear free balloon  
A8477/8481		Martin PM-1
				Production version of Naval Aircraft
				Factory PN-12
A8482			Naval Aircraft Factory XP4N-1
A8483/8484		Naval Aircraft Factory PN-11
A8485			Bristol Bulldog II
				British fighter (c/n 7358) purchased by US Navy for tests as dive bomber.  Crashed during flight tests
				during terminal velocity dive at NAS Anacostia.  Pilot killed. 
A8486			Fairchild XJ2Q-1
A8487/8506		Consolidated NY-3
A8507/8524		Keystone PK-1
				Production version of Naval Aircraft
				Factory PN-12
A8525			Loening XO2L-1
A8526/8545		Curtiss N2C-2 Fledgling
				A8529 on display at National Naval Air Museum, Pensacola, FL.
A8546			American Motorless Aviation Co. Prufling glider
A8547/8582		Vought O3U-1
				I have seen a photo of an O3U-1 with serial 8585, so the range quoted here is questionable.
A8583/8588		New Standard NT-1
				8588 at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
A8589/8597		Curtiss F8C-5 Helldiver
				Later redesignated O2C-1
A8598/8599		Ford JR-3
				Model 5-AT-C purchased by US Navy
				A8598 crashed Aug 4, 1930
				A8599 crashed Mar 22, 1933
A8600/8605		Consolidated N2Y-1
				A8602 converted to XN2Y-2 seaplane
				A8605 at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
A8606			Loening XO2L-2
A8607			Bristol Bulldog II
				C/n 7398.  Replacement for A8485 for use in comparative
				tests and incorporated wing modifications.				
A8608/8609		Goodyear C3 kite balloon
A8610/8612		Goodyear C free balloon
A8613/8639		Boeing F4B-2
				C/n 1392/1418
				A8614 (c/n 1393) lost off San Diego, CA Nov 16, 1933
				A8633 (c/n 1412) lost off Point Loma, CA Nov 1, 1933
A8640			Boeing XF5B-1
				C/n 1152
A8641			Vought XO4U-1
A8642			Sikorsky XP2S-1
				Originally an amphibian, undercarriage later removed and ended life as a
					pure flying boat.
A8643			Naval Aircraft Factory XBN-1
				Contract cancelled
A8644/8661		Douglas P2D-1
				A8652 crashed Sep 1, 1932 at Coco Solo, Canal Zone.  4 killed.
A8662/8686		Martin PM-2
				Production version of Naval Aircraft Factory PN-11.
				A8662 SOC 8/31/1937
				A8663 SOC 5/31/1940
				A8664 damaged 5/2/38.  SOC 6/30/1938
				A8665 SOC 6/30/1937
				A8666 SOC 5/31/1940
				A8667 SOC 3/30/1940
				A8668 SOC 8/31/1939
				A8669 SOC 6/30/1937
				A8670 SOC 5/31/1940
				A8671 SOC 6/30/1937
				A8672 SOC 6/30/1938
				A8673 SOC 10/31/1939
				A8674 SOC 10/31/1938
				A8675 SOC 6/30/1938
				A8676 SOC 10/31/1938
				A8677 SOC 5/31/1940
				A8678 SOC 10/31/1938
				A8679 SOC 5/31/1939
				A8680 crashed and sank 8/1/1932
				A8681 SOC 5/31/1939
				A8682 SOC 10/31/1939
				A8683 SOC 5/31/1940
				A8684 SOC 10/31/1938
				A8685 damaged at Coco Solo 7/29/1932.  SOC 9/29/1932
				A8686 SOC 11/30/1939
A8687/8695		Hall PH-1
				A8687 sank at its moorings after bein severely hit by its buoy during
					the night in strong winds at French Frigate Shoals N of
					Hawaii Oct 27, 1936.  Salvaged but condemned later and
					SOC Apr 30, 1937.
				A8688 SOC Sep 30, 1940
				A8689 SOC Sep 30, 1940.
				A8690 SOC Sep 30, 1940
				A8691 SOC Sep 30, 1940
				A8692 SOC Sep 30, 1940.
				A8693 SOC Sep 30, 1940
				A8694 SOC Sep 30, 1940.
				A8695 SOC Sep 30, 1940.
A8696			Loening XSL-1
A8697/8728		Great Lakes TG-2
				Originally designated TE-1
				A8706 crashed May 25, 1932 at Coronado Roads, Caifornia.  2 killed.
				A8728 disassembled Oct 1936 and SOC Jan 1938
A8729			Hall XP2H-1
				First flight Nov 15, 1932.  Was slightly damaged on first flight
					at NAS Anacostia, DC when nosed straight up on takeoff due to incorrectly rigged
A8730			Douglas XT3D-1
				Later modified as XT3D-2.  SOC May 5, 1941 for use as instructional airframe at NAS Norfolk.
A8731 			Curtiss XF9C-1 Sparrowhawk
				First flown Mar 1931 and tested as a carrier based fighter, later fitted with airship hook-on gear 
					and first hooked onto the airship ‘Los Angeles’ Oct 17, 1931. Into service as a spare aircraft for 
					the airship ‘Akron’. Transferred to the Naval Aircraft Factory and scrapped there Jan 1935.
A8732  				General Aviation XFA-1
A8733/8747		Loening OL-9
				A8744 w/o in New York Jan 17, 1933
				A8746 w/o in Nicaragua Aug 24, 1932 
A8748/8790		Curtiss F8C-5 Helldiver
				Later redesignated O2C-1
A8791/8809		Boeing F4B-2
				C/n 1439/1457
A8810/8839		Vought O3U-1
				A8824 sunk during salvage Jun 1, 1935, USS Idaho
				A8835 w/o in landing accident at Lawson Field, Fort Benning, GA Mar 1, 1934.
A8840			Ford RR-4
				Model 5-AT-C purchased by US Navy
A8841			Fokker/Atlantic RA-4
A8842/8844		Sikorsky RS-1
A8845			Curtiss XO2C-1 Helldiver
				VIP transport - originally built as XF8C-7.  Built as Curtiss Helldiver Cyclone Command, c/n 1 with registration N984V. 
				To US Navy as XF8C-7 Nov 1930, then XO2C-2, later O2C-2 and reverted to XF8C-7.
				Used by the then Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Aviation, David S Ingalls, the Navy’s only World War I ace. 
				Reverted to XF8C-7 before surveyed Mar 1934.
A8846			Curtiss RC-1 
				Commercial D-2 Kingbird C/n 2013 ordered by Navy as JC-1, delivered as RC-1 (after Navy designation
					changes) Mar 1931.  SOC 1936
A8847			Curtiss O2C-2 Helldiver
				Built as Curtiss Cyclone Military Helldiver, c/n 1 with registration N983V.   To US Navy as XF8C-8 Nov30, then 
					O2C-2, later XF10C-1 & XS3C-1.  Returned to Curtiss for further testing but crashed. Replaced with new 
					aircraft using same Navy serial number, redesignated as XS3C-1, temporarily considered for the fighter 
					role as XF10C-1. Crashed Feb 1932.
A8848/8849		Curtiss O2C-2 Helldiver
				Temporarily designated XF8C-8.  A8849 returned to Curtiss Jun33 as test bed for 650hp Wright R-1510 engine. Caught fire and crashed Jul 1933.
A8850			Pitcairn XOP-1
				SOC Feb 1940
A8851/8871		Vought O3U-1
A8872/8875		Vought SU-1 
				A8872 w/o Dec 22, 1935
A8876			Douglas XRD-1
				Navy version of Dolphin commercial monoplane.
A8877			De Havilland XDH-80
				Puss Moth c/n 2187 purchased for use by US Naval Air Attache
					in London.  Impressed by RAF as HM534 (an earlier serial
					allocation of DR630 was not taken up).  Became G-AHLO
					in May 1946 and went to Canada Oct 1969 as CF-PEI (later
					C-FPEI).  Now in Rockliffe Museum, Canada.  Noted 2005
					in Western Canada Aviation Museum, Winnipeg
A8878			Grumman XFF-1
				Model G-5 prototype, first flight Dec 29, 1931.  Redesignated FF-1 in 1936.  To VF-58 and Nas Anacostia,
					later to NAS Norfolk. Crashed Mar 4, 1937 when ran out of fuel.
A8879/8890		Martin BM-1
				A8879 crashed during test dive Nov 6, 1932 before acceptance
					by USN.  Serial re-used on second production aircraft which
					had strengthened structure.  This one SOC Jun 30, 1938
				A8880 crashed on landing at Hagerstown, MD Mar 12, 1938
				A8881 SOC May 31, 1938
				A8882 SOC May 31, 1938
				A8883 SOC May 31, 1938
				A8884 SOC May 31, 1938
				A8885 SOC May 31, 1938
				A8886 SOC May 31, 1938
				A8887 SOC Sep 30, 1938 and passed along to National Youth Administration
				A8888 encountered bad weather during ferry flight from San Diego
					to Norfolk Aug 27, 1934.  DBR in forced landing in desert 
					between Yuma and Tucson
				A8889 flew into water Mar 27, 1935 during night operations from
					USS Lexington off La Jolla, CA
				A8890 SOC May 31, 1938
A8891/8911		Boeing F4B-3
				C/n 1595/1615
A8912/8920		Boeing F4B-4
				C/n 1616/1624
A8921			Consolidated XBY-1
A8922/8923		Sikorsky PS-3
				Redesignated RS-3 in 1930
				A8922 C/n 314-10. Delivered 1930. Declared 'obsolete and in need of major 
					overhaul' Mar 6, 1935; stricken Mar 30, 1935 with total time 839.7 hours.
				A8923 C/n 314-13. Delivered 1930. Sank in 12 feet of water somewhere in 
					Central America Dec 15, 1931; recovered but stricken Feb 28, 1932 with total 
					time 196 hours.
A8924/8927		Goodyear free balloon
A8928/8937		Vought SU-1 
				A8928 lost at sea Aug 22, 1934
				A8932 w/o Nov 2, 1932
				A8935 w/o Nov 16, 1933
				A8936 w/o Mar 28, 1935
A8938			Bellanca XRE-1
				Commercial CH-400 Skyrocket acquired by US Navy
A8939			Consolidated XP2Y-1
A8940			Grumman XSF-1
				Model G-6 scout prototype of FF-1.  First flight Aug 20, 1932.  
A8941/8970		Curtiss O2C-1
A8971			Loening XS2L-1
				SOC Nov 1933
A8972			Sikorsky XSS-1
A8973			Berliner-Joyce XF2J-1
A8974			Great Lakes XSG-1
				SOC Jan 1934
A8975			Boeing XF6B-1
				C/n 1625
				Redesignated XBFB-1 in 1934
A8976/8977		Pitcairn XOP-1
A8978			Naval Aircraft Factory XFN-1 
				contract cancelled
A8979/8985		Loening OL-9
				A8980 w/o in California Jul 21, 1933
				A8985 w/o in Nicaragua Aug 21, 1932
A8986/9008		Consolidated P2Y-1
				c/n 1/23.
				A8986 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Nov 30, 1942
				A8987 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Sep 20, 1943
				A8988 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Jul 31, 1942
				A8989 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Nov 30, 1942
				A8990 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Nov 30, 1942
				A8991 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Jul 31, 1942
				A8992 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Jul 31, 1942
				A8993 converted to P2Y-2.  Crashed after engine failure May 11, 1937.
					SOC Jul 31, 1937
				A8994 converted to P2Y-2.  Crashed Jun 26, 1941. SOC Jul 31, 1941
				A8995 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Dec 31, 1942
				A8996 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Feb 28, 1943
				A8997 converted to P2Y-2.  With VN8D8A crashed Nov 18, 1942 following midair
					collision with P2Y 9559 in Pensacola area.  All onboard killed.  SOC Nov 30, 1942
				A8998 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Apr 30, 1943
				A8999 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Jul 13, 1943
				A9000 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Nov 30, 1942
				A9001 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Sep 20, 1943
				A9002 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Sep 20, 1943
				A9003 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Sep 18, 1943
				A9004 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Apr 30, 1943
				A9005 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Apr 30, 1943
				A9006 converted to P2Y-2.  SOC Nov 30, 1942
				A9007 converted to P2Y-2.  Damaged on landing May 13, 1942.
					AOC Jun 30, 1942
				A9008 converted to XP2Y-2
A9009/9053		Boeing F4B-4
				C/n 1626/1632, 1792, 1793, 1633, 1634, 1636,
				1640, 1642, 1644, 1647, 1648, 1651, 1780/1791,
				1646, 1649, 1650, 1652, 1643, 1653, 1654, 1669,
				1667, 1655, 1666, 1659, 1668, 1670.
				A9029 on display at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
A9054			Lockheed XRO-1 
				Commercial Altair DL-2A c/n 179 purchased by Navy
					as VIP transport for David S. Ingalls, Assistant
					Secretary of the Navy for Aeronautics.  
A9055			Sikorsky PS-3 
				C/n 314-16.  Redesignated RS-3 in 1930.  Declared 'obsolete, worn out and
					deteriorating' Dec 27, 1934; stricken Dec 31, 1935 with total time 529.5 hours
A9056/9061		Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk
				A9056 redesignated XF9C-2 after loss of "Macon".  In National Naval Air Museum, Pensacola,FL on loan
					from NASM.  Possibly cannibalized using parts of F9C-2 A9057 and the XF9C-2 9264.  But it may be 9264
					that it owned by NASM.
				A9057 salvaged at NAS North Island, CA Mar 1937.
				A9058/A9061 lost when USS Macon went down off Big Sur, CA Feb 12, 1935.
A9062/9076		Vought SU-1  
				A9069 w/o Oct 31, 1933
				A9070 lost at sea Aug 14, 1934
				A9071 w/o Jun 8, 1933
				A9075 w/o Feb 18, 1941
				A9076 w/o Dec 5, 1940
A9077/9121		Vought SU-2
				A9077 w/o Aug 23, 1934
				A9078 converted to X03U-5. W/o Sep 16, 1940
				A9081 w/o Jun 22, 1933
				A9082 w/o Aug 10, 1936
				A9083 w/o Feb 8, 1937
				A9085 w/o Apr 10, 1940
				A9087 w/o Oct 22, 1936
				A9088 w/o Oct 10, 1932
				A9093 w/o Oct 10, 1932
				A9096 w/o Feb 19, 1935
				A9097 w/o Dec 1, 1937
				A9098 w/o May 24, 1940
				A9099 w/o Feb 18, 1941
				A9104 crew of two bailed out Aug 19, 1941 near Andaluisa, AL due
					to bad weather Aug 19, 1941.
				A9109 converted to XSU-4
A9122/9141 		Vought SU-3 
				A9123 w/o Aug 14, 1935
				A9124 w/o Nov 17, 1936
				A9127 w/o Sep 16, 1940
				A9128 w/o Oct 22, 1936
				A9132 collided with another plane over Bayou Grande, FL Jun 7, 1941.
					Student pilot killed.
A9142/9169		Vought O3U-3
				A9146 (VN2DB) w/o Sep 5, 1941 in midair collision with O3U-3 9321 near NAS Pensacola, FL
				A9150 converted to drone Dec 1942
A9170/9185		Martin BM-2
				A9170 SOC May 31, 1938
				A9171 SOC Jun 30, 1938
				A9172 SOC Dec 29, 1939 and passed along to National Youth Administration
				A9173 SOC May 31, 1938
				A9174 flew into sea when failed to recover from practice dive Dec 7, 1936
				A9175 SOC Feb 28, 1938
				A9176 SOC Nov 20, 1938
				A9177 SOC May 31, 1938
				A9178 SOC Jun 30, 1938
				A9179 SOC May 31, 1938
				A9180 SOC May 31, 1938
				A9181 DBR when forcelanded in wood at Durham, NC Jan 4, 1933 after
					running out of fuel
				A9182 SOC May 31, 1938
				A9183 SOC Apr 30, 1938
				A9184 SOC Apr 29, 1939 and used for barrier tests
				A9185 SOC Apr 29, 1939 and used for barrier tests
A9186			Bellanca XSE-1
A9187/9204		Berliner Joyce OJ-2
				9187 SOC Aug 31, 1940
				9188 SOC Mar 30, 1940
				9189 to ground instructional airframe at NAS Jacksonville
					May 3, 1941.  SOC Jun 30, 1941.
				9190 crashed on landing at NRAB Oakland an 16 1939.  Both
					crew unhurt.  SOC Feb 28, 1939
				9191 collided with PM-1A8294 and crashed near Boeing MAP,
					Seattle, WA Nov 3, 1937.  Both crew bailed out safely.
				9192 SOC Apr 29, 1939
				9193 SOC Nov 30, 1939
				9194 SOC Mar 31, 1937.
				9195 SOC Apr 30, 1940
				9196 converted to XOJ-3.  SOC Mar 30, 1940
				9197 SOC Dec 31, 1940
				9198 SOC Jun 30, 1941
				9199 SOC Feb 28, 1938
				9200 SOC Mar 21, 1939
				9201 SOC Mar 21, 1939
				9202 SOC Nov 30, 1939
				9203 SOC Apr 30, 1941
				9204 SOC Jan 31, 1941.

	- The A-prefix is dropped from this point onward -

9205/9206		Ford RR-5
				Model 5-AT-D acquired by Marine Corps and Navy.  Both with the National Museum of
					Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
9207			Bellanca XRE-2
				Civil CH-400 Skyrocket acquired by US Navy
9208/9211		Loening OL-9
9212			Martin XBM-1
				Transferred to NACA Feb 12, 1940
9213			Curtiss XF11C-2
				Was Civil Hawk II (Curtiss demonstarator) purchased by US Navy as
				test aircraft and later modified as XF11C-2.  DBR Aug 25, 1932, and
				SOC Sep 29, 1932.
9214/9217		Martin BM-1
				9214 SOC May 31, 1938
				9215 SOC May 31, 1938
				9216 SOC May 31, 1938
				9217 wrecked when ran off runway and overturned when landing at 
					Virginia Beach Apr 19, 1938
9218			Grumman XJF-1
				Model G-7 prototype, c/n 103. First flight Apr 24, 1933, delivered to US Navy 4May33 at NAS Anacostia. 
				To NAS Norfolk. Crashed 8Mar34 into the James River.
9219			Curtiss XF11C-1
				WFU Mar 10, 1939
9220			Great Lakes XBG-1
				crashed May 19, 1938
9221			Consolidated XB2Y-1   
9222			Vought XF3U-1
				XSBU-1 was a new airframe with XF3U-1's engine,
				but it retained the serial number 9222.
9223			Douglas XFD-1
9224			Berliner-Joyce XF3J-1
9225			Curtiss XF12C-1
				Redesignated XS4C-1 in 1933, and then XSBC-1 in 1934.
				Serial number was later reassigned to XSBC-2.  Crashed at Lancaster, NY Jun 14, 1934.
				Quoted as crashed Sep34 during company test flight as a XSBC-1.
				The XF12C-1/XS4C-1/XSBC-1 was a monoplane. After the crash a replacement aircraft with same serial number was 
				built as the XSBC-2 biplane.  First flight Dec 9, 1935. Redesignated XSBC-3 with P&W R-1535-82 Twin Wasp Mar36. 
				Production models became the Helldiver
9226/9263		Boeing F4B-4
				c/n 1742/1779
				9241 and 9251 turned over to Bureau of Air Commerce (later CAA).  
				9241 (c/n 1757) became NR9329.  Registration N9329 cancelled Feb 24, 1971.  Reported 1988 in National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC\
					Noted Dec 2005 in mall facility of NASM, Washington, DC
				9251 (c/n 1767) became  NX14 (NC14), later NX9846.  Later modified by Jess Bristow for air show work.
				9252 (c/n 1768) crashed May 31, 1940 on approach to NAS Pensacola when pilot
					was unable to release towed target sleeve and aircraft stalled.
9264			Curtiss XF9C-2 Sparrowhawk
				Built by Curtiss as a private venture c/n 1 with unofficial designation of XF9C-2, registered NX986M. Bought by the Navy and the 
				designation was made official.  After the loss of the ‘Macon’ the airship skyhook was removed and the aircraft assigned to NAS Anacostia. 
				Donated to the Smithsonian Institution 1939 and fitted with a replacement skyhook; initially displayed with incorrect serial 9056, 
				corrected in 1975 when refurbished.  9264 had been loaned to the National Naval Aviation Museum but since returned to Smithsonian and 	
				on display at the Udvar-Hazy Center
9265/9282		Curtiss F11C-2
				Redesignated BFC-2 in 1934
				9265 SOC Apr 29, 1939
				9266 entered inverted spin during aerobatics Feb 4, 1937, pilot bailed out.
				9267 SOC May 31, 1938
				9268 failed to recover from dive during gunnery practice and crashed
					into sea 6 mi off Ja Jolla, CA Dec 12, 1933.  Pilot killed.
				9269 converted to XF11C-3.  Engine failed shortly after takeoff on
					test flight Sep 18, 1934, pilot attempted emergency landing at
					Norfolk Auxiliary Field No. 2, VA but aircraft overturned
					on impact.  Pilot OK, aircraft SOC Oct 31, 1934.
				9270 SOC Jun 30, 1939
				9271 SOC Jun 30, 1938
				9272 when slow-rolling during test flight Jul 29, 1936, engine cut,
					fuel gushed out and caught fire.  Pilot bailed out, aicraft
					crashed into San Diego Bay.  SOC Aug 31, 1936.
				9273 wrecked when overturned during night takeoff from San Diego Oct 8, 1937.
					Pilot OK.  SOC Nov 30, 1937
				9274 SOC Jun 30, 1938
				9275 pilot aborted gunnery run during training mission Oov 15, 1937
					due to power loss,  Pilot decided to head home but power
					continue to fall and aircraft ditched off Del Mar, CA.  Pilot
					unhurt.  Aircraft recovered after one hour in water but SOC
					Dec 31, 1937 under belief that immersion in salt water made
					repair uneconomical.
				9276 pilot overestimated altitude during night landing at NAS San
					Diego, CA Feb 28, 1936.  Aircraft bounced twice and skidded
					along ground on left wing.  Pilot suffered minor injures.
					SOC Mar 31, 1938
				9277 SOC Jun 30, 1939
				9278 engine cut during practice divebombing attack off central
					America Nov 2, 1934 due to fuel leak.  Pilot made emergency
					landing in water, aircraft sank in a few minutes.  Pilot
					safe and recovered by USS Oklahoma. SOC Jan 31, 1935
				9279 struck bush and overturned during takeoff from Wilmer FIeld,
					TX Jan 14, 1938.  Pilot safe.  Aircraft SOC Apr 30, 1938
				9280 crashed Sep 20, 1935, no further details.  SOC Nov 30, 1935
				9281 crashed into sea near USS Saratoga Apr 13, 1934.  Pilot had
					changed fuel tanks but engine cut immediately and use of hand
					pump to reserve tank came too late to prevent striking sea.
					Pilot OK.  SOC Aug 31, 1934.
				9282 SOC Jun 30, 1939
9283/9330		Vought O3U-3
				9283 lost at sea Aug 1937
				9285 converted to drone Dec 1942
				9292 crashed Oct 12, 1937 and SOC at San Diego Oct 20, 1937.
				9321 (VN2DB) w/o Sep 5, 1941 in fatal midair collision with O3U-3 A9146 near NAS Pensacola, FL
				9323 converted to drone Dec 1942
9331/9340		Curtiss F11C-2
				Redesignated BFC-2 in 1934
				9331 SOC May 31, 1938
				9332 SOC Jun 10, 1938.  Now on display at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola
				9333 grounded Nov 28, 1938 after several cracks found in engine
					mountings.  SOC Apr 29, 1939
				9334 SOC Jun 30, 1939
				9335 grounded Jun 14, 1939 after several cracks found in engine
					mountings.  SOC Jul 31, 1939
				9336 SOC Jun 30, 1938
				9337 while landing at Tucson, AZ Feb 2, 1938, aircraft swung right.
					Brakes failed, turn continued until castering tailwheel 
					disengaged, whereupon aircraft turned sharply to right, left wing
					struck ground and aircraft overturned.  Pilot OK.  Aircraft
					SOC Feb 28, 1939
				9338 grounded Jun 14, 1939, SOC Jul 31, 1939
				9339 grounded Jun 14, 1939, SOC Jul 31, 1939
				9340 missed landing onto USS Saratoga May 4, 1936, dove into sea
					and sank.  Pilot killed. SOC Jun 30, 1936
9341			Bellanca XRE-3
				Civil CH-400 Skyrocket acquired by US Navy
9342			Grumman XF2F-1
9343			Curtiss XF13C-1
				Designed and built as a monoplane, completed and first flown Dec 1933. The Navy distrusted monoplanes 
				and the aircraft could have a second wing fitted as the XF13C-2 but spent only a brief period in this 
				configuration, the performance being inferior to the monoplane. With the lower wing removed, it was 
				later tested as the XF13C-3.
9344/9345			Air Cruisers, Inc. Kite Balloon
9346			Loening XFL-1
				contract cancelled
9347			Douglas RD-2
				Commercial Dolphin monoplane ordered by Navy for VIP aircraft - Used by 
				President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Transferred to NACA Dec 4, 1939.
9348/9349		Douglas RD-2
				Both SOC Mar 1940.
9350/9376		Grumman FF-1
				Model G-5.  22 examples modified by NAF Philidelphia as FF-2 for Navy and Marine Corps reserve units.
				9351 was formerly Nicaragua AF GN-3, a Grumman G-23 aircrft assembled under license by CC&F of 
					Canada, c/n 101 and was not operated by US Navy. It was the sole example purchased by the Nicaraguan government. 
					After seeing limited service, it was relegated to a scrap yard at Zololtan Air Field in 1942, destined to remain there until 1961, when 
					J.R. Sirmons, an Oklahoma fertilizer and spray plane pilot hired to work in Nicaragua, discovered it.  Brought to the United States 
					and restored by Grumman in the markings of the "Red Rippers" of Fighting Squadron (VF) 5B, which in 1933 had been the first 
					squadron to receive the FF-1s, the aircraft was flight delivered to the Museum in June 1967.   Currently in National 
					Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, FL.
				9360 crashed near Clover Field, CA Apr 27, 1936.
9377			Curtiss XS2C-1 Shrike
				YA-10 development for evaluation by Navy
9378			Boeing XF7B-1
				c/n 1803.
9379/9398		Vought SU-4
				delivered as BuNos 9414/9433
9399			Vought XO5U-1
				crashed near NAF May 1938
9400			Northrop XFT-1 
				Modified as XFT-2.  Crashed July 1937
9401/9402		Franklin PS-2 glider
9403/9411		Berliner Joyce OJ-2
				9403 SOC Jan 31, 1940
				9404 SOC May 31, 1941
				9405 SOC Apr 30, 1940
				9406 SOC Apr 29, 1939
				9407 SOC Jan 31, 1941
				9408 SOC Nov 30, 1939
				9409 SOC Sep 30, 1939
				9410 SOC Mar 31, 1940
				9411 SOC Mar 31, 1941
9412			Douglas XO2D-1
				Nosed over on water landing near NAS Anacostia, Washington, DC
					May 11, 1934 after starboard landing gear would not retract
					nor support a runway landing.  Pilot survived.
					Stripped at San Diego Sep 1935, fuselage to NAF for structural tests.
9413			Curtiss XO3C-1 Seagull
				Redesignated XSOC-1 in 1935.  Crashed at NAS Jacksonville Jun 1941 and SOC
9414/9433		Vought SU-4
				9416 w/o Jun 7, 1941
				9419 ground looped at Naval Airport, Traverse City, MI Oct 18, 1942.
				9421 w/o Feb 19, 1941
				9423 crashed during remotely-controlled landing and hit car at
					Traverse City, MI Sept 21, 1942.
				9424 crashed 50 mi E of Floyd Bennett Field Nov 20, 1937 while on flight from
					Squantum Field, MA to Norfolk, Va.  Both crew killed.
				9428 w/o Sep 8, 1938
				9430 w/o Oct 18, 1939
9434/9455		Grumman JF-1 
				Model G-7
				9439 transferred to US Coast Guard as 439
				9447 (c/n 145) to civil registry as N1235N, cancelled May 25, 2011.
				9449 transferred to US Coast Guard as 449
				9455 crashed after midair collision with P-40F 41-14186 at Tiverton, RI Sep 29, 1942.  All onboard
					bailed out but one was killed.
9456/9458		Consolidated XN4Y-1
9459			Consolidated XP3Y-1 Catalina
				later redesignated XPBY-1
9460/9492		Grumman SF-1
				Model G-6
9493			Grumman SF-1
				Model G-13.  First flight Nov 26, 1934.  Later converted to XSF-2.  To ground instructional airfame at
					Machinist's Mates School
9494/9520		Great Lakes BG-1
				9494 SOC Aug 31, 1940
				9495 crashed Feb 11, 1935
				9496 converted to target drone, SOC Aug 31, 1942
				9497 SOC Mar 31, 1941, subsequently used for ground training
				9498 crashed at sea Feb 10, 1937
				9499 crashed at sea Jan 7, 1938
				9500 DBR Mar 4, 1941
				9501 converted to target drone, crashed on takeoff Dec 26, 1942
				9502 converted to target drone, SOC Dec 10, 1943
				9503 DBR Nov 15, 1940
				9504 SOC Jan 8, 1941
				9505 converted to target drone, SOC Apr 30, 1942
				9506 DBR Jan 16, 1940.  Subsequently to Coast Guard Engine School,
				9507 DBR Jan 25, 1940
				9508 converted to target drone, SOC Oct 6, 1943
				9509 converted to target drone, SOC Jul 31, 1942
				9510 converted to target drone, SOC Nov 30, 1042
				9511 converted to target drone, SOC (expended?) Jun 26, 1942
				9512 converted to drone.  Used in Project Fox, a project to explore
					the use of remotely-controlled aircraft as guided weapons.
					Allegedly became US Navy's first successful guided missile,
					having successfully crashed into target raft in
					Chespeake Bay Apr 19, 1942
				9513 to Jacksonville for ground training Jun 1941
				9514 converted to drone for use in Project Fox.  SOC Dec 7, 1943
				9515 crashed Nov 23, 1937
				9516 crashed May 29, 1937
				9517 to Jacksonville for ground training Jun 1941
				9518 SOC Dec 31, 1940
				9519 SOC Apr 30, 1940 and sent to Coast Guard Engine School
				9520 ditched Jan 10, 1941
9521/9522		Waco XJW-1
				utility aircraft for USS Macon
9523/9527		Grumman JF-1 
				Model G-7
9528/9533		Douglas RD-3
				Naval version of commercial Dolphin monoplane.
9534/9550		Great Lakes BG-1
				9534 DBR Mar 6, 1942.  Subsequently to Jacksonville ground school
				9535 crashed Aug 17, 1939
				9536 DBR Feb 5, 1941.  Subsequently to Jacksonville ground school
				9537 converted to target drone, expended May 27, 1942
				9538 converted to target drone, SOC Jul 31, 1942
				9539 DBR May 12, 1941
				9540 SOC Dec 31, 1940
				9541 converted to target drone, expended Apr 8, 1942
				9542 converted to target drone, SOC Apr 30, 1942
				9543 converted to target drone, SOC Jul 31, 1942
				9544 crashed Feb 7, 1939
				9545 DBR Feb 27, 1941
				9546 converted to target drone, SOC Jul 31, 1942
				9547 converted to target drone, SOC Aug 10, 1943
				9548 converted to target drone, expended Jun 26, 1942
				9549 crashed on takeoff Oct 9, 1935
				9550 SOC Dec 31, 1940
9551/9571		Consolidated P2Y-3
				9559 asigned to VN8D8A at NAS Pensacola.  Crashed Nov 18, 1942 following midair collision
					with P2Y-2 A8997 in the Pensacola area
				9560 (VP-18) crashed off Hawaii Mar 30, 1938.  6 killed.
9572/9583		Berliner Joyce OJ-2
				9572 crashed into Potomac River Jun 4, 1935 when engine failed
					during takeoff from Bolling Field.  Later retrieved
					but SOC Jul 31, 1935
				9573 SOC May 31, 1940
				9574 SOC May 31, 1940
				9575 To NAS Jacksonville as ground instructional airframe.
					SOC Jan 31, 1940
				9576 SOC Apr 30, 1940
				9577 damaged May 11, 1939 when stalled on approach to Miami and landed
					heavily.  Pilot unhurt.  SOC Jun 30, 1939
				9578 to NAS Norfolk as ground instructional airframe Apr 3, 1941.
					SOC May 31, 1941.
				9579 to NAS Jacksonville as ground instrucional airframe.
					SOC Jan 31, 1940.
				9580 to NAS Jacksonville as ground instructional airframe.
					SOC May 31, 1941.
				9581 SOC Jul 31, 1940
				9582 to NAS Jacksonville as ground instructional airframe
					May 17, 1941. SOC Jun 30, 1941
				9583 to NAS Jacksonville as ground instructional airframe,
					SOC Oct 31, 1941.
9584/9585		Curtiss R4C-1
				Commercial AT-32E transports acquired by U. S. Navy
				9584 (C/N 57) to USMC, for five years then assigned to the US Antarctic 
					Service Expedition in 1939.  With international tensions on the rise the 
					West base was evacuated and the aircraft was abandoned in Antarctica on 
					January 03, 1941, still there under the snow.
				9585 (C/N 58) to USMC, for five years then assigned to the US Antarctic 
					Service Expedition in 1939.  Accident January 19, 1941 in which a ski had been 
					cut off, repaired and test flown. Used to evacuate East base and then 
					abandoned in Antarctica on Watson Island on March 22, 1941, assumed blown out 
					to sea
9586/9612		Curtiss BF2C-1
				Originally designated XF11C-3
				9586 following vibration tests at Langley Field (the natural period
					of vibration of the metal wings harmonized with the vibration
					of the Cyclone engine, a problem that was never properly
					cured) the plane was returned to Norfolk and SOC Jun 30, 1937.
				9587 SOC Nov 30, 1939
				9588 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9589 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9590 SOC Jan 31, 1936
				9591 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9592 damaged by fire when Very pistol accidentally discharged
					into upper wing by ground crew Aug 17, 1935 and SOC
					Sep 30, 1935.
				9593 crashed at sea Sep 11, 1935, pilot killed.
				9594 crashed shortly after takeoff from NAS Norfolk as part of a night training
					formation Jan 29, 1935.  Pilot killed, aircraft appeared 
					to have struck water in a steep high-speed dive.
				9595 SOC Feb 1, 1937.
				9596 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9597 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9598 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9599 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9600 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9601 SOC Aug 31, 1937
				9602 got lost in bad weather during ferry flight Oct 29, 1935
					and tried to make emergency landing in a field near
					Manassas, VA.  Plane struck tree at end of landing run,
					injuring pilot and was DBR.  SOC Nov 30, 1935.
				9603 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9604 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9605 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9606 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9607 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9608 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9609 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9610 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9611 SOC Feb 1, 1937
				9612 SOC Feb 1, 1937
9613			Douglas XP3D-1
				modified extensively as XP3D-2.  Crashed on takeoff from Acapulco Bay, Mexico while being operated
				by VP-11F Feb 8, 1937.
9614/9617		Franklin PS-2 glider
				9617 at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
9618/9619		Consolidated P2Y-3
9620/9622		Douglas R2D-1
				c/n 1325/1327.  DC-2-125 for Bureau of Aeronautics.
				9620 (c/n 1325) delivered Nov 26, 1934.  Crashed Pensacola, FL. Oct 21, 1941.
				9621 (c/n 1326) to USMC Dec 23, 1934.  WFU Jul 31, 1940
				9622 (c/n 1327) to USMC Dec 12, 1934.  Crashed San Diego Jan 31, 1941
9623/9676		Grumman F2F-1
				Model G-8
				9627 SOC Aug 30, 1941 at NAS Miami, Florida
				9630 SOC Apr 9, 1942 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida
				9632 crashed and burned Aug 2, 1935 and SOC Sep 30, 1935
				9633 SOC Dec 31, 1942.
				9634 lost during dust storm while being ferried to California. 
				9661 crashed into hangar at NAS Coco Slol, Canal Zone Nov 14, 1939.  1 killed.
9677/9717		Stearman NS-1
				9681 owned by National Museum of Naval Aviation,
					Pensacola, FL.  On loan to Sun and Fun Museum.
				9706 crashed at NAS Pensacola Oct 23, 1939.  1 killed.
9718			Stinson XR3Q-1
9719			Boeing F4B-4
				Assembled by USMC at Quantico from spare parts.
9720			Douglas XTBD-1 Devastator
				c/n 1285
9721			Hall XPTBH-1
9722			Great Lakes XB2G-1
9723			Great Lakes XTBG-1
9724			Fairchild XSOK-1
				Scout observation version of Model XA.942 transport
				amphibian.  Contract cancelled
9725			Vought XSB2U-1 Vindicator
				Crashed Aug 20, 1936
9726			Brewster XSBA-1
			SOC Jan 31, 1946
9727			Grumman XF3F-1
				Model G-11.  Serial number assigned to 3 separate aircraft, two of which crashed.
				One crashed Mar 22, 1935, having disintegrated when pulled sharply out of terminal 
				velocity dive; pilot killed.  One crashed May 17, 1935 after entering irrecoverable 
				spin; pilot baled out safely
				C/n 257 [1]. First flight Mar 20, 1935.
				C/n 257 [2]. First flight May 9, 1935 and ferried to NAS Anacostia. [crash date is given as May 13, 1935]
				C/n 257 [3]. Ferried to NAS Anacostia Jun 1935 and delivered to US Navy Jul 10, 1935. To NAS Miami 
					and last used 1942 as a fighter-trainer.
9728			Bellanca XSOE-1
				andem two-seat float biplane
9729/9744		Vought O3U-6
9745			Northrop XBT-1
				Crashed on landing at North Field, San Diego Nov 11, 1937.  Both crew unhurt.
9746			Vought XF3U-1
				Formerly 9222 - modified as engine test bed.
9747/9749		Kinner XRK-1
				Kinner Envoy commercial light transport acquired by US Navy
				9747 had standard 340hp Kinner R-1044-2 engine replaced by 450
					hp Pratt & Whitney R-985-38 Wasp Junior
				9748 was at one time based in Santa Monica for use by Inspector
					of Naval Aircraft.  Missing Mar 28, 1938 between Palm Springs and NAS San Diego, 2 killed.
9750/9833		Vought SBU-1
				9750 crashed Aug 25, 1938
				9751 SOC Oct 14, 1943
				9752 SOC Jan 31, 1943
				9753 SOC Jan 30, 1942
				9754 SOC May 30, 1942
				9755 SOC Jul 23, 1943
				9756 SOC Dec 31, 1942
				9757 converted to drone, operational loss May 15,1 943
				9758 SOC Jan 15, 1944
				9759 crashed Dec 20, 1941
				9760 SOC Aug 15, 1943
				9761 SOC Nov 30, 1943
				9762 lost at sea Apr 6, 1973
				9763 crashed Oct 17, 1941
				9764 SOC Aug 25, 1943
				9765 crashed Aug 26, 1937
				9766 relegated to use as ground instructional airframe at Jacksonville Mar 1942
				9767 SOC Jun 22, 1943
				9768 SOC Jun 14, 1943
				9769 crashed Dec 8, 1936
				9770 SOC Jun 7, 1943
				9771 SOC Jun 25, 1943
				9772 SOC Sep 13, 1943
				9773 SOC Oct 28, 1943
				9774 SOC Oct 12, 1943
				9775 crashed Feb 13, 1940
				9776 SOC Dec 30, 1943
				9777 SOC Jul 23, 1943
				9778 SOC Oct 30, 1943
				9779 crashed May 7, 1937
				9780 crashed Nov 29, 1938
				9781 crashed at Corpus Christi May 6, 1942
				9782 SOC Jul 13, 1943
				9783 SOC Jul 8, 1943.  Went into water with VO-5 at unknown date
				9784 crashed at Corpus Christi Aug 29, 1941
				9785 crashed Feb 22, 1936
				9786 relegated to use as ground instructional airframe at Chicago.  SOC Jun 30, 1942
				9787 crashed May 21, 1940
				9788 relegated to use as ground instructional airframe at Chicago.  SOC Jun 30, 1942
				9789 SOC Mar 31, 1944
				9790 SOC Jun 23, 1943
				9791 relegated to use as ground instructional airframe at Chicago.  SOC Jun 30, 1942
				9792 crashed Mar 17, 1936
				9793 SOC Sep 23, 1943
				9794 SOC May 21, 1943
				9795 SOC May 23, 1943
				9796 SOC Dec 15, 1943
				9797 SOC Sep 22, 1943
				9798 crashed at Corpus Christi Jul 22, 1941
				9799 SOC Jul 3, 1943
				9800 SOC May 13, 1944
				9801 relegated to use as ground instructional airframe at Chicago.  SOC Jun 30,1942
				9802 relegated to use as ground instructional airframe at Jacksonville, SOC Apr 3, 1942
				9803 SOC Jul 23, 1943
				9804 SOC Oct 4, 1937
				9805 crashed at Pensacola Aug 1, 1942
				9806 crashed Feb 24, 1939
				9807 SOC Aug 13, 1943
				9808 crashed Oct 6, 1939
				9809 SOC Jun 14, 1943
				9810 SOC Aug 13, 1943
				9811 crashed Sep 5, 1939
				9812 crashed Apr 10, 1940
				9813 SOC Sep 27, 1943
				9814 SOC Oct 30, 1943
				9815 crashed at Pensacola Dec 20, 1941
				9816 crashed Apr 6, 1937
				9817 crashed Jan 16, 1940
				9818 SOC Dec 31, 1944
				9819 SOC Aug 13, 1943
				9820 SOC Nov 3, 1943
				9821 SOC Jun 8, 1943
				9822 SOC Nov 4, 1943
				9823 crashed Nov 4, 1940
				9824 crashed Jun 10, 1936
				9825 SOC Nov 5, 1943
				9826 SOC Aug 10, 1943
				9827 SOC Jun 30, 1943
				9828 SOC Jun 7, 1943
				9829 crashed Apr 10, 1939
				9830 SOC Aug 30, 1943
				9831 crashed Nov 30, 1936
				9832 crashed Sep 5, 1940
				9833 SOC Jul 12, 1943				
9834			Vought XSB3U-2
9835/9839		Grumman JF-3
				Model G-10.  Delivered 1935 to US Navy and US Marine Corps reserve units.
9840/9855		Great Lakes BG-1
				9840 crashed May 28, 1940
				9841 converted to target drone, SOC Apr 30, 1942
				9842 crashed Nov 20, 1936
				9843 SOC Jul 31, 1941
				9844 SOC Jul 31, 1941
				9845 converted to drone for use in Project Fox.  SOC Dec 7, 1943
				9846 to Jacksonville ground school Jun 1941
				9847 crashed Jul 26, 1940
				9848 converted to target drone, SOC Jul 31, 1942
				9849 to Jacksonville ground school Jun 1941
				9850 to Jacksonville ground school Jun 1941
				9851 converted to target drone, SOC Apr 30, 1942
				9852 crashed in Cuba Mar 10, 1940
				9853 crashed Apr 9, 1940
				9854 crashed Sep 30, 1940
				9855 DBR May 6, 1939
9856/9990		Curtiss SOC-1 Seagull
				c/n 11926/12060
				9859 wings broke off in flight over Guantanamo Jun 11, 1936.  2 killed.
				9862 (VCS-7, USS Astoria) nosed over on landing in Chesapeake Bay
					and sank Oct 6, 1942.
				9866 used for Operations Nanook and Highjump 1946-47.  SOC Sep 30, 1947.
				9890 (VCS-6, USS San Francisco) spun in at sea off Savo Island and
					crashed Nov 15, 1942.  2 killed.
				9893 (VCS-12, USS Columbia) in takeoff accident Purvis Bay Jan 1, 1942.
				9895 crashed on takeoff from USS Chicago CA-29 Oct 30, 1939.  1 killed.
				9899 (assigned to USS Detroit CL-8) crashed at sea off San Diego, California Jan 24, 1940
				9905 (VCS-5, USS Salt Lake City) forced landing after midair fire
					Oct 11, 1942.
				9910 used for Operation Nanook in 1946.
				9912 (VCS-6, USS New Orleans) stalled on landing off Christmas
					Island Feb 21, 1942.
				9921 (VCS-2, USS Cincinnati) sank after catapult accident Oct 16, 1941.
				9922 (VCS-7, USS Wichita) forced landed after being attacked by
					enemy fighter Nov 8, 1942.  Crew abandoned plane.
				9925 (VCS-6, USS Chester) in recovery accident, hit stern of ship
					Mar 26, 1942.
				9929 (VCS-5, USS Pensacola) knocked overboard by gunfire Feb 20, 1942.
				9936 (VCS-2, USS Memphis) capsized on landing at sea Jun 25, 1942 and
					was abandoned.
				9941 (USS Augusta) wrecked while being moored, Iceland, Oct 18, 1943.
				9942 (VCS-6, USS San Francisco) in recovery accident Oct 11, 1942.
				9943 (VCS-4, USS Cincinnatti) flew into water Feb 15, 1942.  2 killed.
				9947 (VCS-5), USS Salt Lake City) caught fire due to shells from Japanese ships off Kommandorski Islands
					Mar 26, 1943.  Jettisoned.
				9952 lost lost at Savo Island Aug 9, 1942 with USS Vincennes
				9957 dismantled for spares at NAS Pensacola Sep 1941
				9959 lost off USS Chester Jun 6, 1941 in midair with 9960
				9960 lost off USS Chester Jun 6, 1941 in midair with 9959
				9961 (VCS-4, USS Indianapolis) in recovery accident Nov 21, 1942 and
					sunk by gunfire.
				9964 (VCS-4, USS Indianapolis) dove into water at sea Jul 2, 1942.
					2 crew killed.
				9971 in runway takeoff accident at NAS Pensacola, FL Feb 13, 1942.
				9977 (VCS-5, USS Pensacola) missing on combat patrol at sea off
					Brisbane, Australia Dec 22, 1941.  2 MIA.
				9979 lost overboard from USS Portland during hurricane Aug 23, 1941.
				9980 crashed Apr 24, 1940.
				9983 (SOC-1A, VGS-30) spun in near Creeds Field, VA during aerobatics.
					Pilot killed.
				9989 (VCS-4, USS Indianapolis) hit boat on takeoff at Pearl Harbor
					Jan 28, 1942.
9991			Naval Aircraft Factory XN3N-1
9992			Goodyear K-1 airship
9993/9994		Douglas R2D-1
				c/n 1404/1405.  DC-2-142 for US Navy.
				9993 (c/n 1404) delivered to USN Sep 7, 1935.  Declared surplus Aug 8, 1944.
					To civil registry as NC39165.  Ferry flight to Amsterdam, Netherlands
					in 1983 with special registration PH-AJU to commemorate the McRobertson
					Trophy air race.  Now on display at Shiphol Airport.  Maintained in flying
					condition.  There are apparently four DC-2s wering marks PH-AJU and none of
					them are the original.
				9994 (c/n 1405) delivered to USMC Sep 28, 1935.   WFU aug 5, 1943
9995			Sikorsky XPBS-1
				c/n 4400.  Not finally accepted by US Navy until Jan 1939.  
					Wrecked Jun 30, 1942 when struck floating log while landing in San Francisco
					Bay after flight from Pearl Harbor.  One of the occupants
					was Admiral Nimitz.
9996			Grumman XSBF-1
				Model G-16.  Crash landed 5/25/1939 near Leonardtown, Maryland.  One killed.
9997			Grumman F2F-1
				Model G-8.  Ordered as replacement for 9634
9998			Fairchild XR2K-1
				Fairchild 22 acquired by Navy as research vehicle.  To NACA as 82.
9999			Goodyear G-1 dirigible 

This series ends at 9999