US Navy and US Marine Corps BuNos

First Series (A51 to A6001)

Last revised March 16, 2014

A51			Wright Model K Seaplane
A52			Paul Schmitt seaplane
A53			DFW Seaplane
				Listed as cancelled, but may have been delivered for evaluation.
A54/56			Burgess-Dunne Tailless seaplane
				A55 and A56 were cancelled.
A57/58			Thomas Brothers seaplane
A59			Gallaudet D-1
A60/65			Curtiss N-9
				Later quoted unofficially as N-9C to distinguish Curtiss-built N-9 from the later N-9H
A66/67			Curtiss R-3
				Previously AH-62 and AH-65
A68/69			Martin Model S
				AH-19 was original USN serial.
A70/75			Burgess Model S 
A76/81			Sturtevant Model S Seaplane
A82			Richardson seaplane
A83/84			Washington Navy Yard seaplane
				Cancelled.  Some lists have A83/A90 as Curtiss AH-8.
				A83 may have been a previously numbered AH-9 and A84 
				assembled from spares.
A85/90			Curtiss N-9
A91			Standard seaplane
A92			Standard Twin seaplane
A93			Curtiss JN-TW
A94/95			Goodyear kite balloon
A96/125			Curtiss N-9
A126/A127			Maurice Farman seaplane
				A127 cancelled.  Serial may have been reassigned
					to the dirigible listed next.
A127			Connecticut Aircraft Corp DN-1 dirigible
A128/133		Sturtevant Type S seaplane
A134/136		Thomas-Morse SH-4
A137/139		Standard H-4-H 
A140/141		Thomas Twin Tractor
A142/144		Aeromarine 700
				A144 reported cancelled in some databases, but reported
					crashed Jan 17, 1918. 
A145/146		Curtiss F Boat
				Cancelled, but quoted as being new, surplus US Navy aircraft sold postwar to civilian owners.
A147/148		Pacific Aero Products C
				C/n 6, 7.  Company name was changed to Boeing Airplane Company May 9, 1917.  The two aircraft were
					assembled in Pensacola, FL to be demonstrated to the Navy Jul 17, 1917.  The first
					example made its first flight Nov 15, 1916.
A149			Curtiss S-4
				Floatplane development of Curtiss S series.  Shown in Windsock Vol 18 No 6 (2002).
					Also listed in some databases as a Curtiss JN-1W, a seaplane
					version of JN-1.  Alighted heavily and DBR Jan 18.
A150			Curtiss S-5
				Floatplane development of Curtiss S series.  Shown in Windsock Vol 18 No 6 (2002).
					Also listed as a Curtiss JN-1W, a seaplane
					version of JN-1.  SOC Aug 6, 1919.
A151			Goodyear kite balloon
A152			Curtiss H-12
A153/154		NAS Pensacola seaplane - 154 cancelled
A155/156		Burgess HT-B
A157/159		Curtiss JN-4B
A160/161		Goodyear kite balloon
A162/197		Curtiss R-6
A198/200		Curtiss JN-1
				Only one built (A198) as a gunnery trainer.  Numbers also listed as being 
					allocated to cancelled Burgess HT-B Speed Scouts.
A201/234		Curtiss N-9
A235/243		Goodyear B-class dirigible
				numbered B-1 to B-9
A244/248		Goodyear B-class dirigible
				numbered B-10 to B-14
A249/250		Connecticut B-Class dirigible
				numbered B-15 and B-16
A251			Connecticut Aircraft free balloon
A252/275		Connecticut Aircraft free balloon - cancelled
A276/287		Goodyear kite balloon
A288/290		Wright-Martin R
A291/293		Curtiss L-2
A294/301		Curtiss N-9
				A294/A295 originally allocated to cancelled Boeing Tractor
				A296/A297 originally allocated to cancelled Verville seaplanes
				A300/A301 originally allocated to cancelled Gallaudet seaplanes
A302/341		Curtiss R-6
A342/373		Curtiss N-9
				50 additional aircraft built from spares in 1920s.
A374/379		Burgess HT-2
A380/385		Burgess U-2
A386/387		Curtiss F
A388/389		Curtiss JN-4A
A390/393			Curtiss F
A394			Sopwith Modified Schneider Tractor Biplane.  Original Royal Navy
				serial was 3765, passed to Royal Canadian Navy in 1918 and by them to US Navy.
A395/406		Thomas-Morse SH-4
A407			Sopwith Baby.  
			Originally Royal Navy serial 8209, transferred to Royal Canadian Navy
				minus engine and then to US Navy. 
A408			Curtiss F
A409/438		Burgess N-9
				License-built Curtiss N-9.  Some conversions to N-9H.
A439/441		Aeromarine Type 700 seaplane
A442/444		Loening M-2 or Kitten
				I have seen a photo of a Loening M-2 with number 441 on the fuselage.
A445/449		Curtiss GS-2
				GS-2 = Gnome Scout
				A447 sold as surplus Aug 1920
				A449 SOC Nov 1923
A450/499		Aeromarine 39-A
A500/649		Aeromarine 39-B
				A581 to civil registry as NC1892.
A650/699		Boeing C
				c/n 10/59
				A672 to civil registry as G-CAFK
				A687 to civil registry as NC5646
A700			Goodyear kite balloon
A701			Goodrich kite balloon
A702/726		Goodyear kite balloon
A727/751		Goodrich kite balloon
A752/756		Curtiss F.  Could have been built under license by Thompson?
A757/762		Thomas-Morse S-5
A763/764		Caquot M kite balloon
				Transferred from British Royal Naval Air Service
A765/783		Curtiss H-12
A784/799		Curtiss H-16
A800/815		Curtiss HS-1L
				16 former H-14s completes as HS-1 and delivered as HS-1L.  Prototype H-14 was converted as HS-1
				A800 was HS-1
				Later conversions to HS-2L
			A815 cancelled
A816/817		Caquot P kite balloon
				Transferred from British Royal Naval Air Service
A818/867		Curtiss H-16
				A839 modified to H-16-2
A868			Curtiss GS-1
				GS-1 = Gnome Scout
				Delivered Jan 1, 1918, DBR Apr 1, 1918
A869/872		Sopwith Baby
A873/984		Curtiss R-9  
			A919, A920, A925, A943, A956, A958. A963/A966, A970, A976, A991, A994 converted to R-6L
			A883/A887 and A901/A905 transferred to US Army as 39033/39042.

A995/997		Curtiss JN-4A
				A995 at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
				A996 at Museum of Flying

A998			Goodrich kite balloon
A999/1028		Burgess N-9
				license-built Curtiss N-9
A1029			Sea Scout airship
				Transferred from British Royal Naval Air Service
A1030			Sea Scout airship
				Scheduled transfer from British Royal Naval Air Service did not take place
A1031/1048		Curtiss H-16
A1049/1098		Naval Aircraft Factory H-16
				NAF-built version of Curtiss H-16.
				A1070 used January 1919 for refuelling experiments, involving the
					aircraft's crew extending a grapple to pick up a load from a rope 
					stretched between two rowing boats
A1099/1398		Lowe-Willard-Fowler HS-1L 
				LWF-built version of Curtiss HS-1L
				50 were cancelled.
				A1143 to G-CAOP of Ontario Govt Forestry Branch
				A1145 (c/n 243) to civil registry as NC1849, later to CF-AEA and VR-BAA Nov 1930.  W/o Great Sound,
					Bermuda Aug 31, 1931.
				A1152 to G-CANZ of Canadian Airways Ltd
				A1162 to civil registry as NC3387
				A1191 to civil registry as NC1231, to NC318, to NC3732
A1223/1398		Lowe-Willard-Fowler HS-2L
				LWF-built version of Curtiss HS-2L
				A1248 to G-CYAE
				A1250 to G-CAOS of Ontario Govt Forestry Branch
				A1258 to G-CAFI of Elliot-Fairchild Air Service
				A1271 to G-CADM
				A1273 crashed after colliding with HA-2L A1175 Aug 24, 1918.  3 killed.
				A1274 allocated G-CAFE, later changed to G-CAFH of Pacific Airways Ltd
				A1288 to G-CYGU of Canadian Air Force
				A1300 to G-CAPE of Ontario Provincial Air Service
				A1301 to civil registry as NC6845
				A1342 to G-CAPF of Ontario Provincial Air Service
				A1367 to G-CAON of Ontario Govt Forestry Branch
				A1373 to civil registry as NC652
				A1876 to G-CAAC of Laurentide Air Service, Quebec, Canada Jun 1920.
					Crashed at Tadoussac, Quebec Aug 4, 1922
				A1878 to G-CAAD of Laurentide Air Service Sep 1920
				A1949 to G-CAOR of Ontario Govt Forestry Branch
				A1981 to civil registry as NC2420
				A2014 to G-CAOE of Ontario Govt Forestry Branch
				A2015 to G-CAOI of Ontario Govt Forestry Branch
				A2021 to civil registry as NC2932
				A2027 to G-CAOC of Ontario Govt Forestry Branch
				A2070 to G-CAOL of Ontario Govt Forestry Branch
				A2109 to G-CAOH of Ontario Govt Forestry Branch
				A2119 to G-CAAZ of Canadian Aero Film Co, Toronto Jul 1920
				A2222 to civil registry as NC2821
A1399/1548		Standard HS-2L 
				Standard-built version of Curtiss HS-2L
				70 were cancelled.
A1549/1819		Curtiss HS-1L
				A1692 crashed May 5, 1919.  2 killed.
				A1817 crashed Apr 19, 1920 in turn and spin from altitude at NAS Rockaway.  Pilot killed.
A1820/2207		Curtiss HS-2L
				A1876 to Canada in 1919.  Crashed on takeoff at Foss Lake in 1922.  Located and salvaged
					1968-69 with parts from other aircraft.  To National Aviation Museum in 1969.
				A1878 to Laurentide Air Service Sep 1920
				A1884 crashed off Manhattan Beach while stationed at NAS Rockaway Jul 4, 1919.  Pilot killed.
				A1949 to Ontario Government Forestry Branch
				A1981 to NC2420
				A2014 to Ontario Government Forestry Branch
				A2015 to Ontario Government Forestry Branch
				A2021 TO NC2932
				A2027 to Ontario Government Forestry Branch
				A2070 to Ontario Government Forestry Branch
				A2109 to Ontario Government Forestry Branch
				A2119 to Canadian Aero Film Co, Toronto Jul 1920.
A2208/2214		Goodyear kite balloon
A2215/2216		Connecticut Aircraft free balloon  
A2217/2276		Gallaudet HS-2L
				Gallaudet-built version of Curtiss HS-2L
A2277			Curtiss F flying boat
A2278			Curtiss HA
				Designed by Capt B.L. Smith of US Marine Corps and built by Curtiss.  Destroyed on first flight Mar 21, 1918
				Recovered and SOC 17 September 1918
A2279/2280		Burgess F flying boat
				License built version of Curtiss F. 
				2279 SOC Jul 15, 1918
				2280 SOC Apr 11, 1921
A2281			Mitchell F flying boat
				License built version of Curtiss F.  SOC Apr 11, 1921.   
A2282/2283		Davis N-1 Gun Carrier built by Naval Air Factory

A2286/2290		Curtiss N-9H
A2291			Curtiss NC-1
				Designed for direct delivery to France, later redesignated P2N-1.  Alighted short of Azores and sank May 1919.
A2292			Curtiss NC-2
				Designed for direct delivery to France, later redesignated P2N-1.  Wrecked when blown ashore in a storm.  Parts
					used in the other 3 NCs
A2293			Curtiss NC-3
				Designed for direct delivery to France, later redesignated P2N-1.  First flight Apr 23, 1919.  Landed
					200 mi short of Azores, unable to take-off, taxied to Horta, Azores
A2294			Curtiss NC-4
				Designed for direct delivery to France, later redesignated P2N-1.  Was first aircraft to fly across
					the Atlantic, arriving Plymouth, UK May 31, 1919.  On display at National Museum of Naval Aviation, 
					Pensacola, FL
A2295/2344		Curtiss F
A2345/2350		Curtiss MF
A2351/2409		Burgess N-9
				License-built Curtiss N-9
A2410/2572		Burgess N-9H
				License-built Curtiss N-9H
				A2473 modified to N-10.
				A2359 to civil registry as NC5648
A2573/2650		Burgess N-9H
				License-built Curtiss N-9H
				A2573 transferred to Brazilian government in 1919.
				A2646 was first aircraft to arrive in Bermuda, when it arrived May 19, 1919 dismantled avoard SS Elinor.
					Ship was going to Montevideo to observe a solar eclipse when it had to make an unplanned stop with
					engine problems.  Aircraft was unloaded and flown May 22, 1919 from Hamilton Harbour, allowing the
					Governor to view his island from the air.
A2651/2652		Briggs flying boats built by Alexandria Aircraft
A2653/2654		Gallaudet D-4
A2655/2844		Goodyear kite balloon
A2845/2929		Cancelled contract for Goodyear kite balloons
A2930/3020		Goodrich kite balloon		
A3000/3020		Goodrich kite balloon
A3021/3204		Cancelled contract for Goodrich kite balloons
A3205/3234		Curtiss JN-4HT
				Transferred from US Army
A3235/3244		Thomas-Morse S-4B
A3245/3324		Dayton-Wright DH-4A
				A3248 accident Jul 10, 1922 San Diego CA
				A3269 used in Europe by US Northern Bombing Group.  Attached to
					491 Flight RAF, Dover from Oct 9, 1918 to Oct 13, 1918.
				A3286 accident Apr 26, 1922 San Diego, CA 
				A3295 used in Europe by US Northern Bombing Group.  Attached to
					218 Sqdn RAF from Sep 29, 1918 until Oct 11, 1918.  Engaged
					Fokker D.VII Oct 8, 1918 which was seen to go down near
A3325/3326		Curtis 18T Wasp
			Redesignated 18T-1 after development of the 18T-2
			US Army borrowed A3325 during tests with a full military loas Aug 1918 and attqaned a speed of 163 mph, the world's	
				fastest aircraft at the time, but the record was not recognized.  Later converrted to 18T-2 and used to set world
				altitude record of 34,910 feet set Sep 8, 1919.  Fitted with floats, it also set a world's seaplane altitude record.
			Both aircraft used by US Navy in post-war air races.  A3325 crashed during a test flight, A3326 broke a crankshaft 
				and was destroyed.		
A3327			Briggs F Boat built by Alexandria Aircraft
A3328/3332		Curtiss F built by American Transoceanic
A3333/3362		Canadian Aeroplanes Ltd. F-5L
				Later redesignated PN-5
A3363/3382		Canadian Aeroplanes Ltd. F-5L
				Contract cancelled
A3383/3458		Dayton-Wright DH-4A
				Ex US Army aircraft.
				A3383 is sometimes listed as being a Goodrich Type R Kite balloon
				A3384, A3393, A3394, A3398,A3402, A3445 converted to DH-4B.
				A3388 accident Apr 12, 1922 Anacosta, Maryland
				A3397 accident Jun 12, 1922 Haverford, Pennsylvania
				A3401 (DH-4B) ran out of fuel and crashed Mar 21, 1923 Quantico, Virginia   
				A3410 crashed in Potomac River Jun 9, 1921
				A3411 (DH-4B) crashed Sep 12, 1921, Mirebalais, Haiti when engine failure forced crash landing.  
				A3441 crashed in creek bed near Quantico, VA Aug 20, 1921
				A3442 accident Aug 6, 1921 Quantico, VA 
A3459/3558		Naval Aircraft Factory H-16
				NAF-built version of Curtiss H-16. 
A3559/4038		Naval Aircraft Factory F-5L
				A3618/A3658, A3684/A3782, A3783, A3801/A3858, A3881, 
					A3883/A3885, A3491/A4008, A4014/A4035 were cancelled 
				A4036 completed as F-6L, later redesignated PN-6.  Deliver Jan 17, 1919,
					SOC Jun 9, 1920.
				A4037 completed as F-6L, later redesignated PN-6  Scrapped at Naval
					Aircraft Factory Nov 1923
A4039/4078		Curtiss H-16
A4079/4108		Curtiss F
A4109			Goodyear E-1 Dirigible
A4110			Curtiss HA-1
				Revised HA, incorporated some parts from A2278 but was otherwise a new-build aircraft.  
				SOC 16 May 1921 after caught fire in the air.
A4111			Curtiss HA-2
				Revised HA-1 with new wings.  Entered in postwar Curtiss Marine Trophy Race.   Sank off Detroit, 
					MI Oct 8, 1922; SOC February 1923
A4112/4117		Curtiss JN-4B
A4118/4127		C dirigibles
				Aircraft numbers C-1 to C-10.  A4119, A4123, A4126, A4127 built by Goodrich,
					remainder by Goodyear
A4128/4186		Curtiss JN-4HG
				A4160 seen Nov 10, 2006 at new National Museum of the United
					States Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia.  
A4187/4217		Curtiss JN-6HG-1
				Army serials 45164/45197 transferred to Navy
A4218/4227		Standard M-Defense (E-1?)
A4228/4229		Loughead HS-2L
				Loughead-built version of Curtiss HS-2L
A4230			Tellier F-3 flying boat
A4231/4255		Boeing HS-2L
				c/n 61/85.  Curtiss HS-2L built by Boeing
				A4238 sold to Aeromarine and converted with open passenger area and used by Pacific Marine Ariways for
					scheduled passenger service between Wilmington, CA and Catalina Island
				A4251 sold to Aeromarine and converted with enclosed passenger cabin and used by Pacific Marine Ariways for
					scheduled passenger service between Wilmington, CA and Catalina ISland
A4256/4280		Boeing HS-2L - contract cancelled
A4281/4340		Curtiss F-5L
				Later redesignated PN-5
A4341/4342		Naval Aircraft Factory N-1
A4343			Carolina Aircraft Corp. F boat
				Wood-veneer version of Curtiss F.  Turned out to be overweight and incapable of flight.
A4344/4346		Carolina Aircraft Corp. F boat
				Contract cancelled
A4347			Boeing C-1F
				c/n 9
A4348			Goodyear F-1 dirigible
A4349/4402		Curtiss F
				A4395 to civil registry as NC304
A4403/4449		Curtiss MF
				Last 31 were cancelled
				A4408 to civil registry as NC5450
				A4411 to civil registry as NC257
A4450/4454		D dirigibles
			Numbered D-1 to F-5.  A4451 and A4454 built by Goodrich, others by Goodyear.
			A4450 destroyed by fire Jun 1920
A4455/5019		Goodyear and Goodrich dirigibles
				All cancelled.
A4455/4459 		Cancelled contract for Goodrich D-class airships
A4460/4469 		Cancelled contract for Goodyear D-class airships 
A4470/4819		Cancelled contract for Curtiss F-5L
A4820/5019		Cancelled contract for Curtiss N.9 to be built by Burgess
A5020/5021		Caquot R kite balloon, built by Goodyear
A5022/5023		Caquot R kite balloon, built by Goodrich
A5024			Briggs flying boat built Alexandria Aircraft
A5025/5028		Caquot P kite balloon built by Goodyear
A5029			Goodyear kite balloon
A5030/5039 		Cancelled contract for Naval Aircraft Factory N-1
A5040/5239		Aeromarine 40-F
				5090/5239 cancelled
				A5055 to civil registry as NC5566
				A5079 to civil registry as NC1903
				A5083 to civil registry as NC910V
A5240			Caquot M kite balloon transferred from RNAS
A5241/5242		Avorio Prassone kite balloons transferred from Italian navy
A5243/5246		Sperry Night Bomber
				5244/5246 cancelled
A5247/5256		Alexandria 10 flying boat
A5257			Goodyear B-20 dirigible
A5258			Curtiss F
A5259/5458		Cancelled contract for Curtiss F-5L
A5459/5462		Curtiss HS-3
			Only A5459 and A5462 built.
A5463			Goodyear Kite balloon
A5464/5468		Goodyear B dirigible - 5468 cancelled
A5469			Loening M-3
A5470/5471		Curtiss JN-6HG-1
				Transferred from Army (SC 44967 and 44968)
				A5470 SOC Feb 26, 1920
				A5471 SOC Oct 18, 1921.
A5472			Astra-Torres airship transferred from French Navy
A5473/5482		SS and SSZ airships transferred from RNAS
A5483/5562		Naval Aircraft Factory MF 
				NAF-built version of Curtiss MF.
				A5483 to civil registry as NC2172.  Now on display at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
				A5493 to civil registry as NC2324
				A5495 to civil registry as NC2323
				A5500 to civil registry as NC2320
				A5520 to civil registry as NC2067, also reported as NC1537
				A5521 to civil registry as NC6628
				A5525 to civil registry as NC2066
				A5531 to civil registry as NC2603
				A5536 to civil registry as NC2383
				A5538 to civil registry as NC5467
				A5541 to civil registry as NC5026
				A5543 to civil registry as NC903.  Was on display at Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, Cleveland, Ohio until 1999.
					Sold to unknown buyer Apr 13, 2010 for a half-million dollars.
A5563			NS-7 dirigible transferred from the RNAS
A5564/5569		NAS HS-2L 
				Reassembled by NAS Miami, Florida from
				spare hulls from Curtiss on contract and assigned new serial
A5570/5571		Naval Aircraft Factory SA-1 
A5572/5573		Naval Aircraft Factory SA-2 
A5574/5575		Macchi M.8 seaplane
A5576/5579		Naval Aircraft Factory TF-1 
				A5579 was never produced.
A5580			NS-7 dirigible transferred from RNAS
A5581/5586		Curtiss JN-6HG-1
				Dual control gunnery trainer.  Transferred from Army
A5587			SCDA airship no O-1 transferred from Italian air force 
A5588/5589		Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A
				S.E.5a from Army
				A5588 was RAF D6106.  SOC Nov 23, 1920.
				A5589 was RAF C8379.  SOC Nov 23, 1920.
A5590/5591		Naval Aircraft Factory HS-3
				Curtiss HS-3 built by Naval Aircraft Factory.
A5592/5593		Zodiac-Vedette airships nos VZ-7 and VZ-13 transferred from French Navy
A5594/5605		Connecticut Aircraft free balloon
				A5594 SOC Jul 13, 1923
				A5595 SOC Feb 2, 1925
				A5596 SOC Jul 13, 1923
				A5597 SOC May 16, 1921
				A5598 SOC Jun 8, 1921
				A5599 SOC Feb 27, 1926
				A5600 SOC Feb 27, 1926
				A5601 SOC Apr 28, 1926
				A5602 SOC May 20, 1924
				A5603 SOC Jan 28, 1926
				A5604 SOC May 26, 1926
				A5605 SOC Nov 9, 1923
A5606/5608		Loening LS-1 
				A5606 w/o in crash at Anacostia Jun 15, 1921. 
				A5607 and A5608 cancelled
A5608    			Austrian government KF flying boat
A5609/5611		Loening LB flying boat - cancelled
A5612			Aeromarine AS-1
A5613/5614		Aeromarine AS-2
A5615/5619		NAS HS-2L - reassembled by NAS Hampton Roads, Virginia
				from various spare parts and assigned new serial
				numbers.  A5619 was cancelled
A5620/5629		Hanriot HD.2 
				All purchased as floatplanes but later converted to landplanes by Naval
					Aircraft Factory.  HD.1 was landplane version, HD.2 was seaplane version.
				A5621 destroyed Sep 3, 1919, USS Texas
				A5624 used Aug 1919 for trials from platform mounted on USS Mississippi.
					Wrecked in turret takeoff San Pedro, CA Oct 21, 1919 on USS Mississippi.
					SOC Jan 15, 1920.  A plane marked as A5624 was photographed at NAS North
					Island, CA in 1961.  The plaque says that it was an HD-1
				A5625 forced landings Jun 28, 1919, Jul 18, 1919, SOC Feb 26, 1920
					A5625 at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL is actually a 
					reproduction, not the original.
A5630			Lowe-Willard-Fowler HS-2L
				contract cancelled
A5631			Loening M-8
A5632			Naval Aircraft Factory NC-5
A5633			Naval Aircraft Factory NC-6
A5634			Naval Aircraft Factory NC-7
A5635			Naval Aircraft Factory NC-8
A5636			Paul Schmitt seaplane
				Modified French Navy seaplane with 370hp Liberty.  Destroyed in fire 10/16/1920.
A5637/5646		Loening M-8-0
A5647/5649		Tellier T-3
				A5647 damaged on landing Jun 11, 1920. SOC Jul 30, 1920.
				A5648 damaged Apr 15, 1920.  SOC May 14, 1920.
				A5649 was cancelled.
A5650/5651		Levy-Lepen HB-2 seaplane
A5652/5653		Donnet-Denhaut seaplane
				French flying boats purchased abroad during
				WW 1 and returned to US in 1919.
A5654			Caproni Ca.30 
A5655/5656		Sopwith Pup
A5657			Levy-Lepen HB-2 seaplane
A5658/5659		Sopwith F1 Camel
				Transferred from US Army stocks.
				A5658 (formerly RAF C8228) SOC Dec 1, 1921.  The plane at National 
					Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL may be a reproduction.
A5660			Sopwith Ships Strutter
A5661/5680		Vought VE-7
A5681/5700		Vought VE-7G
				A5685 built as VE-7GF
				A5693 crashed during catapult test Oct 26, 1923, USS California.
A5701/5710		Loening M-8-1
A5711/5712		Martin MBT 
				Torpedo bomber version of Martin MB-1 
				5711 delivered Feb 19 1920.  First assignment to NAS Anacostia Apr 23, 1920l.  Transferred to Yorktown, Virginia
					Sep 28, 1920.  Ferved at MCAS Quantico from Sep 26, 1921 to Dec 28, 1922.  On that day it suffered
					a Lonugerou crack that was deemed unrepairable.  SOC Feb 3, 1923.
				5712 in accident Apr 15, 1922 off Hampton Roads, VA.
A5713/5720		Martin MT
				Version of Martin MB-1 for US Marine Corps. Later redesignated TM-1  
A5721/5722		Sopwith 2F1 Camel
				Transferred from US Army stocks
				A5721 SOC 1921
A5723/5724		Sopwith Camel - cancelled
A5725/5728		Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter
				Obtained from US Army
A5729/5730		Sopwith F1 Camel
				Transferred from US Army stocks
A5731/5733		Unknown allocation
A5734/5750		Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter
				Obtained from US Army
				A5737 wrecked on takeoff Mar 4, 1920, USS Arizona, killing a man
					on deck.  The incident was filmed.
				A5738 force landed with engine trouble Apr 6, 1920 and wrecked being
					hoisted aboard USS Sandpiper
				A5739 damaged beyond repair while being hoisted on USS Oklahoma
					at Guantanamo Mar 12, 1920.  SOC Apr 30, 1920
				A5740 wrecked Jan 29, 1920, USS Pennsylvania
				A5749 and A5750 were actually Ships Strutters.
A5751/5752		Parnall Panther
				Built by Bristol, c/n 5889 and 5890.
A5753/5755		Connecticut Aircraft Type AP kite balloon
A5765/5757		Cancelled Gallaudet D-11
A5758/5760		Cancelled Gallaudet D-9
A5761/5786		Loening M-8-1 built by NAF
				A5777 SOC at Anacostia Feb 1923.
A5787			NAS HS-2L
				Reassembled by NAS Key West, Florida from various spare parts and assigned 
					new serial number.  To civil registry as NC1135 
A5788/5793		Loening M-8-1S
A5794/5805		Nieuport 28C-1
				Obtained from Army after Armistice
				A5794 crashed on turret on takeoff from Mar 17, 1920, USS Arizona
				A5796 at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
				A5798 lost at sea Mar 18, 1920, USS Nevada. Got lost and force
					landed off Grande Cay, 75 mi from base at Santa Cruz.  Picked
					up but flotation gear did not function properly and plane
					completely wrecked and abandoned.
				A5799 wrecked Jan 28, 1920, USS Nevada
A5806/5807		Austrian government Loehner K flying boats 
				5806 (K-405) believed to have been Hansa-Brandenburg W-13.  SOC
					Jun 16, 1922 
				5807 (K-248) listed as War. Eissler AG Wein XXII.  SOC Mar 15, 1924
A5808			NAS HS-2L - reassembled by NAS Anacostia, Maryland
				from various spare parts and assigned new serial
A5809/5814		DH-4B - transferred to Navy from War Department, exchanged for 6 DH-4
				planes at NAF for 6 DH-4B from War Department for use by USMC>
				A5811 converted to DH-4Amb1 (ambulance)
				A5812 crashed Port-au-Prince, Haiti Sep 25, 1921
				A5814 crashed Sarte Dau, Haiti Oct 5, 1921
A5815/5829		Caproni Ca.46
			Were to have been transferred to US Post Office, but never completed.  These
				serials may have later been allocated to a batch of DH-4s.
A5830/5833		Curtiss JN-6H
				Transferred from US Army
A5834/5839		DH-4B - transferred to Navy from War Department
				A5837 crashed Port-au-Prince, Haiti Sep 9, 1922
A5840/5842		J. V. Martin KF-1
				A5841 crashed Hampton Roads, VA Jul 9, 1924
A5843/5848		Fokker D-7
A5849/5854		Fokker D-7 - cancelled
A5855/5858		Thomas-Morse S-4C Scout
				A5858 at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, FL
A5859			Curtiss JN-6H
				Transferred from US Army
A5860/5866		Goodyear free balloon
A5867/5869		Junkers-Larsen Aircraft Corporation JL-6
				Junkers-built F-13 all-metal transport assembled
				in USA by Larsen.
A5870/5884		DH-4B - transferred to Navy from War Department
				A5875 crashed Pensacola, FL Dec 1, 1921
				A5878 accident Feb 20, 1922, Port au Prince, Haiti.
				A5881 accident Feb 10, 1921 Santo Domingo when engine failed
					and dove into ground.  2 killed.  SOC Oct 18, 1921.
				A5882 accident Apr 29, 1922 Santo Domingo City  
				A5883 converted to ambulance and used in Haiti in 1922.
A5885			Naval Aircraft Factory NC-9
A5886			Naval Aircraft Factory NC-10
A5887/5889		Fokker C-1
A5890/5898		Curtiss CT
				A5890 delivered May 1, 1921.  SOC Nov 9, 1923.
				5891/5898 were cancelled
A5899/5904		Stout ST-1
				A5899 crashed during a test flight
				A5890/5904 were cancelled
A5905/5911		Elias EM-1
				A5906/5911 delivered as EM-2
				A5906 to McCook Field as P319
				A5908 converted to EO-1 observation plane.
A5912/5941		Lewis & Vought VE-7SF
A5942/5971		Naval Aircraft Factory VE-7 and VE-7-SF
				5970 converted to VE-9  
A5972			Goodyear dirigible no. D-6
				Destroyed by fire Aug 1921.
A5973			Goodyear dirigible no. H-1
				destroyed by fire Aug 31, 1921.
A5974/5975		Dayton-Wright XB-1A transferred from the War Department
A5976/5981		Morane-Saulnier AR-1
				2-set trainers purchased from France
A5982/6001		DH-4Bs transferred to Navy from War Department
				A5984 accident Jul 31, 1922 San Diego, CA
				A5985 accident Sep 8, 1922 San Diego, CA 
				A5987 accident Apr 22, 1922 San Diego, CA, repaired.  SOC Mar 24, 1923.  	
				A5992 crashed San Diego, CA Sep 8, 1921.	
				A5996 forced landing at sea Apr 14, 1922 off San Diego, CA.
					SOC Jun 16, 1922.
				A5997 in forced landing 6 mi SE of San Diego Bay
					entrance Sep 7, 1922.   SOC Oct 19, 1922. 
				A5998 accident Sep 8, 1922 off San Diego, CA