Vought F8U-1E (F-8B) Crusader

Last revised January 9, 2000

The next production version of the Crusader was the F8U-1E, where the E suffix stood for "electronic equipment". The F8U-1E differed from the F8U-1 primarily in having an AN/APS-67 radar which replaced the F8U-1's APG-30 ranging radar. This new radar had a small scanner in a plastic nose cone and gave the F8U-1E some all-weather capability, although this capability was quite limited. The F8U-1E retained the -1's armament, including the ventral rocket pack, although most squadrons operating the F8U-1E flew with the pack unloaded and sealed. The engine was the J57-P-4A, the same engine which powered the F8U-1 and F8U-1P.

The first F8U-1E (a converted F8U-1) flew on September 3, 1958. A total of 130 F8U-1Es were built.

In September of 1962, the F8U-1E was redesignated F-8B in accordance with the Defense Department's new Tri-Service unified designation scheme.

Serials of the F8U-1E (F-8B) were as follows:

145416/145545	Vought F8U-1E Crusader - redesignated F-8B in 1962


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